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25 May 2007

British Oppression Downing Street protest - the usual suspects strike again

Well, well, well, or not, as the case may be. Friday 15th June appears to have a "Muslim" protest organised at which Muslims are urged to "Respond to the call of Allah and the Messenger." This, apparently, means that Muslims should protest against British Oppression outside Downing Street, although this is likely to have to be outside the fortress gates of Downing Street, rather than immediately outside the front door of number 10, if it even gets that far because Downing Street happens to be part of an exclusion zone that prevents the population of the UK from protesting against anything, much less British Oppression, anywhere near Parliament or Downing Street without first having obtained express permission for so doing. Of course, there is nothing oppressive about having to obtain express permission from the very State against whom you wish to protest, unless it happens in some far off land such as Uzbekistan. Doublethink is good for you and better for your country.

Pickled Politics, aptly named as its politics often appears somewhat pickled, picked up on the forthcoming event earlier this week, and suggested that the protest is being organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir. Curiously though, the post's author noted that there was no information available on which to base such an allegation about who is behind the event, other than circumstantial evidence. A distinct lack of information about something always piques The Antagonist's interest in much the same way as do high-profile individuals who portray themselves to be something other than they really are for profit, publishing deals, and personally and politically expedient self and State serving agendas.

Top billing on the britishoppression.com links list (most of which weren't working) is "Man made law", along with "Anti Islam" both of which subliminally convey the message that British oppression is solely a Muslim issue and that only Muslims are subject to the raft of laws to which every subject in this country is subjected and by which every subject is subjugated. This piqued The Antagonist's interest still further for an approach that portrays Muslims as the sole targets of British oppression denies the history of British imperialism such as we know it to be as well as the material conditions of existence. Yes, Muslims are suffering, and have suffered, at the hands of British and, more recently, American oppression but so too has just about every other race, colour and creed known to man, and that includes the white, working-class British people more commonly referred to as 'chavs' and 'hoodies'.

In the last few days posters for the British Oppression protest have started appearing and getting people's backs up in various parts of the UK, including London and Birmingham and it was correct of Pickled Politics' Sunny to pick up on the lack of information about the organisers, although perhaps a little misguided to postulate that the event may be organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir without first conducting some further research.

In fact, a spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, Dr Imran Waheed, has expressly denounced the notion that Hizb ut-Tahrir has anything to do with the protest and is quoted in the Birmingham Mail:

"We have no link whatsoever to the material that has been fly-posted in Birmingham. We believe that the posting of such material damages community relations and does nothing to create harmony between the city's residents. In Birmingham our activists work in the local community, encouraging the people of Birmingham to speak out against injustice and oppression at home or abroad through peaceful political means."

So, if Hizb ut-Tahrir are not behind the British Oppression protest, who is?

Given that the only information that exists about the organisers of the protest is the domain name on which it appears, britishoppression.com, a littler further investigation is required. A WHOIS query turns up the following:

Visit AboutUs.org for more information about BRITISHOPPRESSION.COM

Registration Service Provided By: LO-39482k
Contact: domains4@anonymousmails.org
Visit: domainsgolive.com


Registrant Contact:

Faruk Miah (faruk.miah2000@yahoo.co.uk)
+44.07745 388 220
Fax: +.
24 Little Green Terrace, White Road,
Manchester, Manchester M90 9JH

Administrative Contact:

Faruk Miah (faruk.miah2000@yahoo.co.uk)
+44.07745 388 220
Fax: +.
24 Little Green Terrace, White Road,
Manchester, Manchester M90 9JH

Technical Contact:

Faruk Miah (faruk.miah2000@yahoo.co.uk)
+44.07745 388 220
Fax: +.
24 Little Green Terrace, White Road,
Manchester, Manchester M90 9JH

Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 17 Apr 2007 22:58:08
Expiration date: 17 Apr 2008 22:58:08

First off, the Registrant, Administrative and Technical contact details are false. There is no Little Green Terrace in Manchester, nor even a White Road. Nor does Manchester have a postcode of "M90 9JH", although there is an M90 postcode which happens to be Manchester Airport, a place that recently featured in the news as three men were arrested there, allegedly in connection with the events of 7th July 2005. The britishoppression.com site appears to be hosted by Pacific Internet in Hong Kong.

Secondly, note the date on which the domain britishopression.com was registered, 17th April 2007, because rather a lot has happened since and rather a curious lot at that. Despite the domain only being registered for five weeks, and the fact that fly-posters advertising the event have just started to spring up, in the five weeks that has transpired since the domain's registration, the white supremacist, neo-Nazi thugs who stand to benefit from the billed protest almost as much as the State itself have managed to pool their miniscule collective-brain resource in opposition and have rallied together to whip up a "No to British Oppression demonstration" petition addressed to the British Government and Metropolitan Police requesting that the day of action be stopped before it takes place, which is exactly the sort of thing you'd expect them to do.

The date on which the petition opposing the protest was established is not published on the petition but as the britishoppression.com domain was registered on 17th April 2007 it would be safe to assume that it was set-up at some point in the five week period between then and now. In that time, and at the time of writing, the petition has managed to gather a staggering 645 signatures, complete with the usual accompanying barrage of sickening and hideously racist diatribes.

The founder of petition, one Beverley Kerry (beverley.kerry@talk21.com) of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, has a bit of a thing for overtly racist petitions and is also running an "End religion sanctioned animal torture" petition to Asda and Walmart (443 signatures) which cleverly ignores animal torture by the global pharma, cosmetics and traditional animal slaughter industries, as well as an "End Halal" petition to Safeway supermarket (880 signatories). So, it would appear, Mrs Beverley Kerry aka odinsgal88 aka OG -- alleged to have links to the far-right group Combat 18 -- has a considerable problem with Muslims in general. Furthermore, given the similarities between the processes by which both Halal meat and Kosher meat is produced -- a method that involves the draining of animal's blood -- both petitions are, by logical extension, not only anti-Islamic but also anti-Jewish which, again, is precisely the sort of ignorant, blanket, racist nonsense the likes of which only the deficient brains of reactionary, xenophobic, neo-Nazis are capable.

Interestingly, the anti-British Oppression petition suggests that, "this [British Oppression] proposed day of action could lead to re-occurences [sic] of the devastation we saw in the northern towns of England in the summer of 2001 in which countless Muslims were involved in damage and rioting leaving a trail of devastation and a huge bill in their wake." For those with short memories, the rioting referred to was termed the Bradford Riot, a reference to the events that took place on 7th July that year, the Bradford Riot being on 7/7/2001, unlike the other devastation allegedly caused by Muslims, the London bombings, which happened four years later on 7/7/2005. Some coincidence, eh?

While all of this is interesting in and of itself, it doesn't tell us who is behind the British Oppression web site. However, Faisal Haque, writing in his Telegraph blog, A Journey Through British Islam, does and -- surprise, surprise, if you hadn't guessed already -- it's the usual suspects again, namely: Omar Bakri Mohammad, Al-Muhajiroun, Al-Ghurabaa, the Saved Sect and the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah, to whom Trevor Abu Omar Brooks Izzadeen also belongs. Based on his findings Haque, quite correct in his analysis, writes:

I believe that this demo is being organised by agent provocateurs who will fuel the Government’s propaganda that the Muslim community is full of ‘radicalised’ hotheads. It will damage community relations and will be used to justify further erosion of the civil liberties of ordinary Muslims and non-Muslims. Judging by the inflammatory postings on the petition website, it is clear that the mere advertising of this demonstration is causing a wave of Islamophobia.

The question that must be asked is how the organisers have managed to secure permission for the demonstration at Downing Street, inside the exclusion zone? I hate to be sceptical, but I wonder whether the Government does not mind such events from taking place, as they can be capitalised on later, as has been seen in the past.

I certainly won’t be attending the demo and would advise my brothers and sisters to completely boycott it.

Not only must the question be asked about how the organisers have managed to secure permission for the demonstration at Downing Street, inside the exclusion zone, the question must also be asked about how racist, neo-nazi groupings have managed to rally 645 people against something that could only have been known about by anyone other than the organisers just five weeks ago, well in advance of the event receiving any publicity, long before the site contained anything more than the front page and a couple of PDFs, and long before Muslims -- in whose name the protest is allegedly being organised -- knew of its existence.

The British Oppression demonstration organised for 15th June 2007 outside Downing Street appears to be a rather clever set-up by those who seek to gain from setting up antagonisms between ordinary human beings on the basis of superficial differences. More correctly it would be a very clever set-up if the people upon whom such confidence tricks are consistently being played weren't already wise to the true nature of the tactics that comprise the State's war on people, tactics which include the State having at its disposal a handful of radical whoevers -- in this case "Muslims" -- whose core business is cropping up and making a lot of noise when it best serves the interests of the State for them to do so.

The British Oppression event and the separatist basis for its organisation is a misdirection of the highest order. Muslims would do well to steer clear of it, as they would do well to steer clear of any other event whose founding premises are based on the same divisive, divide and conquer tactics that seek to segregate people from each other and which only ever serve the interests of the State and never the best interests of the people.

Luckily for the population at large, those elements of the State tasked with pulling off such high profile media stunts have blown almost all of the radical "Muslim" resources at their disposal -- hence the resurgence of Omar Bakri Mohammad and associated groupings and hence why Herr Doktor John Reid is happy to call a State of Emergency that would annihilate everyone's human rights -- as the State endeavours to manufacture from Islam "a threat bigger than Hitler", a threat the magnitude of which only the State itself could ever represent, just as it was Hitler's own fascist state that presented the greatest threat the German people ever faced.

Update: The Cult of the Amateur strikes again as Inayat Bunglawala regurgitates some stuff he read on the Internet, strips it of analysis and meaning and puts it out as the opinion of an 'expert' two weeks after the fact - a form of professional journalism better known as plagiarism. Nor is he the first 'writer' to do so. What a truly septic isle on which we live.


Anonymous said...

great stuff!

I wonder if they'll let the cartoon hating drug dealer and bomb vest model omar khayam out of the chokey for this event.

The bnp angle reminds me of the long forgotten burnley bomb factory.

You have to admire the calm and sensitive manner in which the home office and police reacted to a case with allegations of: intent to prime ministerial assasination, possession of the anarchist cookbook (!) and explosives.

There's a lesson for us all in there.

Is there any public record of applications to protest in the exclusion zone?

Anonymous said...

there's a mischievous sense of humour about the registrant's address:

little green (football?) terrace,
White Road

Or am I just seeing things?

The Antagonist said...

In reverse order: I don't think you're seeing things, at least not things that aren't there. LGR/LGF, what's the difference? White Road is perhaps telling too but then it doesn't exist which is, all things told, probably a good thing.

I don't know about the public record of applications to protest but I shall certainly endeavour to find out.

What Burnley bomb factory? ;)

Omar Khayam, the suicide dancer and associate of one of the Kalam brothers (not the one who was shot, his older brother), not Omar Khyam the excellent schoolboy cricketer who was called by an agent of the state to come and look with much incredulity at a bag of dangerous fertiliser which the authorities had already replaced with cat litter after the State had cleverly set up a hidden camera to capture his wonderment on tape so it could later be broadcast to the world as proof he was a terrorist, has probably expended his useful life as a suicide dancer, although I wouldn't put it past those that bring such things to fruition to pull off something in a similar vein once again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the petition publicity.

DE said...

Oh well, at least it wasn't registered on April 20th; that would definitely be telling.

ziz said...

The Burnley Bomb Factory is not forgotten, the re-trial is scheduled for later this summer but a date has not yet been fixed.

Excellent job in digging into this fascinating demonstration - perhaps Plod should be asked who has been authorised (if they have) to demonstrate.

Attendance should be mandatory, equipped with every form of camera, video, taperecorder possible.

You can be certain that Murdoch's minions will be there ...

Shahid said...

Another stunning piece of work. Once again, cutting like a blow torch through otherwise impenetrable, sun-baked shit.

Ironically, this (thanks to your work) transparent stunt serves only to increase everyone's hatred of state apparatchiks like Reid.

odinsdaughter said...

"considerable problem with Muslims in general"

Or maybe a considerable problem with animal torture in general. Traditional Western methods of animal slaughter, whilst still deeply abhorrent to me, are at least humane.

Halal and kosher slaughter are not humane by any stretch of the imagination. Neither are they truly halal or kosher, in the strict definition of the words, since some blood remains in the capillaries and organs after draining. In conclusion, not only is it inhumane, it's also pointless.

Anonymous said...

There's no indication on the Met site that anything has been planned.


It may be an idea to apply for permission to demonstrate outside No.10 on June 15. If there is an event scheduled, but not declared (for whatever reason), the Met would no doubt turn down the application.


The Antagonist said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the information and links. Interesting that the Met Police don't have anything listed for that day because if the British Oppression demo doesn't have approval, you can guarantee a whole lot more trouble than if it did.

Stef makes the point:

"Wouldn’t it be something if the White nationalists, the Muslims, the Sikhs, the Caribbeans and everyone else turned up at Downing Street on June 15 and instead of yelling at each other, like they’re supposed to, had the common sense to come together and start hurling abuse at those who would set us all at each other’s throats instead. Just for once"

So, perhaps the question is, why aren't the likes of the Stop the War Coalition pulling their fingers out and mobilising the millions to turn up also? If the Stop the War marches of the last few years weren't opposing British Oppression, then what were they about?

If a million or so anti-war/Stop the War types appeared at the same time and place that the British Oppression demo and the Neo-Nazi counter-demo is scheduled for, then the set-up that appears to designed to incite a race riot between radical "Muslims" and Neo-Nazis would be drowned out almost completely, thereby rendering it far harder for the State to make political capital from the Muslims Vs Neo-Nazis event that appears to be in the offing.

As Stef also says, "Well, you can dream can't you"

The Antagonist said...

Shutter: Attendance should be mandatory, equipped with every form of camera, video, taperecorder possible.

Ah, one from the old school of taking it to the streets! You are, of course, right and I would add the caveat raised in my comment above that it would be useful if those groups with the capability to mobilise the millions against British Oppression actually pulled their fingers out to assist in this process and help the people to subvert what appears to be a highly stage-managed potential race riot outside Downing Street and reclaim it as a legitimate protest.

Stef said...

Attendance should be mandatory, equipped with every form of camera, video, taperecorder possible.

Oh yes...

AF said...

Hey thanks for the link guys!

Sorry I don't have time to make it reciprocal just now but I added you to my feed.

At some point in the future for sure!

The Antagonist said...

Thanks for dropping by, Alex, hope you enjoy the feed as and when it's updated.

Anonymous said...


if you read the last paragraph , from Hizb-ut-Tahrir Britain he says he is to do with it by handing out leaflets,.. so there is no conspiracy,... god bless english sherlock holmes ... aye watson...

Quote::Dr Waheed claimed the group had never fly-posted material in the city, but had merely handed out leaflets after Friday prayers at mosques.

The Antagonist said...

Anonymous: I read the last paragraph before writing the post. It's all about context, Watson.

In context, Dr Waheed said of Hizb ut-Tahrir:

"We have no link whatsoever to the material that has been fly-posted in Birmingham."

So, while Hizb ut-Tahrir may well be handing out leaflets about whatever they deem appropriate -- as is their right -- their leaflets, as Dr Waheed said, "have no link whatsoever to the material that has been fly-posted."

Which is about as elementary as it gets.

Shahid said...

"Or maybe a considerable problem with animal torture in general. Traditional Western methods of animal slaughter, whilst still deeply abhorrent to me, are at least humane."

How can something be both deeply abhorrent to you and yet satisfy your standards for humanity?

The quickest, most painless way to kill is to slit the jugular, the carotid and windpipe. Not too deep, you don't want to connect with the spine. That would be hugely painful and the brain needs to be connected to the muscles to the last possible moment. If you're going to kill an animal, Halaal is the least painful, the most humane and the least poisonous.

Have you ever seen the blood analysis of an animal stunned with a capive bolt pistol before beheading and partial blood drainage? The blood fills with cortisol which poisons the meat. The cortisol is there because the animal was frightened to death. Quite literally.

When an animal is killed the halaal way, almost no cortisol is released. The animal suffers from an enormous drop in blood pressure, the twitching is a neurological reaction to this which assists in faster blood drainage (there is no pain at this point) and soon after, the animal dies.

That said, I think we all eat too much meat these days.

By the way, Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character. I lay claim to being more British than he.

Shahid said...

Oh and a couple more things on the subject of Halaal:

1) The knife to be used must be RAZOR sharp. (Reduces pain massively)
2) No animal should ever SEE the blade
3) No animal should ever see another animal being slaughtered.
4) The name of Allah (the same God that Christians worship by the way - Christian Arabs call God "Allah" too) must be invoked over the animal, this not only serves as a form of gratitude, but also solemnises the occasion, emphasising that the taking of an animal life is serious and should not be done just for the sake of product, which is what modern slaughterhouses do, create product that is, by killing animals in a disgustingly inhumane fashion.

If you people who obviously hate brown people and Islam actually want to learn the truth, we are happy to disabuse you of your baseless notions.

Finally, if you haven't read Fast Food Nation, I suggest you do so as a matter of priority. And while you're at it, am I to take it that you value animals more highly than Muslims? (We are human beings by the way, in case you were wondering, that is allegedly, the same species as you...)

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Shahid. If more people would write as you do, the greedy lying gangsters who have taken over our world would quickly be outed.

The Antagonist said...

John: Well said, sir! Such eloquent and informative writing as Shahid's should be heartily encouraged in a world where very little has much meaning or significance any more.

Shahid: Many thanks for explaining so concisely the process by which halaal meat comes about. It has to be said that even the terminology used, halaal, sounds far more gentle and humane than the 'bolt pistol' and beheading alternative deployed in the mass-production of meat 'product'.

I'm surprised you didn't also mention the seemingly little known fact that Jesus just happens to be the most quoted prophet in the Qur'an.

All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Shahid said...

Thanks for the kind words, always humbling coming from better writers than me.

A few quick points:

1) Halaal just means "permissible".
2) Muslims are not allowed to be cruel to animals.
3) I would have mentioned Jesus in the Qur'an, and defended many other aspects of Islam, in my blog, but I have been busy not doing that, because I shouldn't have to defend my religion against hateful racists in the guise of neo-orientalists. I am waiting for things to return to an even keel. I might be waiting a long time.

chelsie2566 said...

I wouldn't regard banning halal meat as anti-Jewish or anti-Islam, it's not an ignorant, nonsense, right-wing idea it's the principle of what the animal goes through the fact that it is conscious and alive for several minutes whilst its blood is being drained from its body.

It's disgusting and cruel and I'm thinking of animal well being not hate or repression toward religion.

It's ignorant to think that because some believe it should be banned that it involves hidden 'neo-Nazi' agendas.

The Antagonist said...

Wasn't Hitler a vegetarian?