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13 December 2007

Peter Power spills the beans on his 7/7 terror rehearsal

On the afternoon of 7th July 2005, information came to light about a private company running a terror rehearsal operation, featuring 'mock broadcasts', in London at the same time that real explosions were reported to have occurred on the transport network.

These revelations came not from an anonymous source but instead from the Managing Director of the private firm running the terror rehearsal operation. The private firm is Visor Consultants and the Managing Director in question is ex-Metropolitan Police man, Peter Power. The client for whom the terror rehearsal was being organised is, thus far, unknown.

In an interview broadcast on the afternoon of 7th July 2005, as part of BBC Radio Five Live's Drivetime programme, Peter Power said:
...at half-past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for, er, over, a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing upright!
It is worth noting that it was two full days before the Metropolitan Police advised the world about 'almost simultaneous' explosions on the Underground, a 'fact' which they announced on 9th July 2005. Only ex-Mossad chief, Efraim Halevi -- an old schoolboy network Clove Club chum of Lord Levy of Cashpoint, Gongs and Ks -- who wrote in the Jerusalem Post on 7th July 2005 of "the multiple, simultaneous explosions that took place today on the London transportation system" with "near pefect execution" was able to demonstrate the same level of 'insight' as Power. Halevi is now Special Advisor to private security firm, Quest, where he sits alongside the Chairman, ex-Metropolitan Police Commisioner Lord Sir John Stevens of Kirkwhelpton. Stevens also happened to oversee Operation Crevice during his watch and was the first person to announce to the world, via the News of the World on 10th July 2005, the notion of 'home grown' Islamic terrorists. Spectacular how far ahead of the game of the police all these ex-Met folk are, especially when considering the fact that, only two days earlier, Sir Ian Blair had said at a press conference, "I'm not saying there are four bombers."

When quizzed about his activities on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Sunday Night programme a few days later, Power said:
It's a coincidence, and it's a spooky coincidence. Our scenario was very similar - it wasn't totally identical, but it was based on bombs going off, to the time, the locations, all this sort of stuff.

Since 7th July 2005 Power has had lots to say about a lot of things, mainly via the BBC State broadcasting corporation's radio and television media, inlcuding BBC Radio Five Live, Newsnight, News 24, BBC World and a few others. He is happy to wax lyrical at every opportunity about the official story of 7/7 and the repeatedly discredited Home Office narrative, the execution of Jean Charles de Menezes and 90 days internment, the latter of which he will advocate at great length as long as the targets for internment happen to be anyone that isn't a white-haired old lady from Tunbridge Wells.

At last, after two and a half years, Peter Power has broken his silence about his 7/7 terror rehearsal activities which were, "based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened".

You can watch the full We Are Change interview with Peter Power below.

Quite an impressive response from the UK's Mr Terror Rentaquote, who usually has plenty to say about anything that is likely to increase the profits of private security firms like his very own Visor Consultants.

You can read a detailed compilation of information about Peter Power and his activities on, before and after 7th July 2005 here on the web site of J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign.


paul said...

Keep them coming, brother Ant.
Sits nicely with the now disgraced Tarpley's: drill -> go live strategy.
<puts feet up, awaits orders from larouche central/>

Anonymous said...

Interestingly similar to the premise of the Mark Wahlberg film Shooter, about an ex-Marine Sniper asked to scout out possible angles for a sniper to take down the President. He's told it's in order to prevent the attack but of course he's just being used for recon, then gets framed into the bargain.

Anonymous said...

That's reality television for you

The Antagonist said...

Reality television and coincidences galore.

PP has spoken, for only the third time since 7/7.

The second time was via the Newsnight Editor's blog, this time it's via the J7 web site after getting a little miffed by a video that J7 had nothing to do with.

See the comments link at the bottom of this page.

Andrew said...

Keep up the good work, Ant. One thing I'm unsure s to & hope you might educate me a little is what benefit it was to the wuthorites to have these terrorist drills simultaneously to the attacks. The 911 drills simultaneous to the attacks(coincidence upon coincidence) can be seen as helping explain the failure to intercept the airplanes, but I'mm fuzzier as to the point of the London drills.

The Antagonist said...

Hi Andrew,

Apologies for the delay in replying. Difficult to know really but it's an interesting coincidence.

At the very least these exercises may well have added to the chaos and confusion on the day, especially with the use of 'mock broadcasts'. At most, who knows?

According to Mr Power himself, "Also, on the same day as our exercise, a major law firm in the City of London was running an exercise that involved bombs on the underground. A few days before so did a major German bank in London and even the Metropolitan Police. We were not alone." (Source: See comments link)

The difference being, of course, that nobody involved with the major law firm event appeared on radio and TV on the evening of 7/7 telling everyone that's what they happened to be up to. Yet another line of research opens up.

It is worth mentioning that there are a number of other interesting meetings and events that were taking place on 7/7, including one held by the London Ambulance Service to discuss a previously held simulation of "four terrorist bombs going off at once across London." Some coincidence of events indeed.

No wonder Peter Power later said of 7th July 2005, "there was a few seconds when the audience didn't realise whether it was real or not." Under the circumstances it was probably an easy 'mistake' to make.