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12 September 2008

Global Survey says 'U.S. behind 9/11'

Survey proves global warming has fried brains the world over

The explanation for the shocking, stunning and, frankly, chilling-to-the-marrow headline which, it almost goes without saying, has absolutely no basis in any sort of reality that any sane individual would want any part of is, of course, that everyone surveyed for the poll is a wild-eyed yelling Conspiraloon™ who should immediately be tasered and "taken to one of those secret prisons in Eastern Europe, never to be heard from again".


Shahid said...

That is just stunning.

Don't people realise that America is now worse than Nazi Germany ever was?

The Antagonist said...

Such a "conspiracy theory" would be perhaps the bitterest of all red, white and blue pills for many to swallow.

Bridget said...

Evils of manipulated history

GovtFlu said...

Reichstag part duex.

Staring the full cast of the pseudo intellectuals, "the neo-clowns" playing their shadowy overlord elite selves. Featuring GW Bush as "Fern", Creepy Dick Cheney as "Death", Don Rummy as "Prick", and a cameo appearance by US congress as the "DC Mafioso".

Rated R for retarded.