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08 April 2009

Rioting Police Physician, Heal Thy Self

Smokey mirrors policing

It would be eminently possible to pen a big long rant about the entirely staged smashing of a few RBS windows during the G20 protests that occurred in the city, perhaps asking why it might have been that their windows weren't boarded up when just about every other financial-related building was, all in anticipation of a level of violence that, on the part of the human beings labelled as 'protesters' and 'anarchists', never materialised.

But what's the point?

You can search for photos of the RBS window smashing incident yourself and note the way in which in a crowd of thousands of people the RBS window smashers coincidentally happened to be surrounded by professional film and camera wielders, all eagerly lapping up the minimal faux devastation of an empty building for a few front page headlines about how ordinary people are everything that is wrong with the world.

Cameras at the ready, Staged Media Operation Fred the Shred is underway

Who knows, you might even find a few of the photographs that show fully tooled-up riot police with cameras already inside the building and filming out, almost as if they were waiting for the incident to occur at a predetermined time and place. They might even look like a bit like this.

Peek-a-boo Rioting Police Operation

There will also always be those who, under the banner of "Telling you what they won't", will endeavour to pass such things off as nothing of any great concern. In doing so, the last vestiges of their credibility melts into air as the pretence of "telling you what they won't" manifests itself quite clearly as "telling you exactly the same thing they will".

It would be entirely possible to wax lyrical about the rioting police 'kettling' tactics -- detention without charge, en masse -- as practiced for decades and which followed the carefully stage-managed RBS window smashing incident, mentioning how one of the main functions of kettles is to boil.

But what would be the point of that?

Subjugating the general population at the behest of propertied and financial interests is the job of the police. It's what they've always done. This is nothing new and it is now clearer than it has been in recent times. The police were established to protect the property and interests of the haves from the have-nots. It's what they were created to do and it is all that they continue to do while seemingly completely oblivious to the notion that, when it comes to the crunch - credit or otherwise, they are as expendable as the rest of us.

Under capitalism, protection of property is of greater concern than the protection and well-being of human beings. When was the last time the police arrested a war criminal, particularly any British war criminals who are a part of whatever the current ruling administration might be? Or even the benefit thieving MPs who think nothing of living a life of luxury at the expense of honest, decent, hard working people who pay the money demanded with menaces usually referred to as 'tax'? The reality of the situation is that you're more likely to find police protecting war criminals.

G20: The fascism of the few manifested as the subjugation of the many.
"The country's biggest force, the Metropolitan police || believe that large sections of the population have become increasingly politicised, and there is a growing sense that the current restrictions on demonstrations are too light." -- The Guardian
On the basis that a picture tells a thousand words, the Metropolitan Police seem to be pioneering radical and revolutionary new 'alternative medicine' techniques with regard to assisting people at protests, as the photograph below clearly demonstrates.

Police medic wielding magical healing stick

We need more photographic and video evidence to make its way into the public domain and to create a media gallery of State employed thugs, FitWatch style. This gallery should be available to the public in the same way other common thugs and criminals are named and shamed to the world, so the public can protect themselves from them in times when it is blatantly clear that the police aren't on the side of humanity. We need the names of the thugs and their numbers and we need justice for the crimes committed in the defence of a system of operation that led to the battering of ordinary, peaceful, defenceless people and ultimately the murder of an innocent man, Ian Tomlinson, who wasn't even part of the G20 protest.

When police or government representatives endeavour to pass the murder of Ian Tomlinson off with a casual, "Sometimes it's difficult to tell ordinary people from protesters", they must be challenged on the issue of whether brutalising an ordinary member of the public for no valid reason is acceptable behaviour in any situation. For an ordinary member of the public is what Ian Tomlinson was before his murder at the hands of rioting police, and human beings are what every other ordinary member of the public in attendance at the G20 protests were and still are, excluding the already identified agents provacateurs responsible for a few media headlines. Labelling human beings as 'protesters' and/or 'anarchists' is no justification for any of the actions of the rioting police.

Below is the video footage obtained by The Guardian showing the big, fearless, hard-man assault from behind, on a man with his hands in his pockets, of those operating under the banner of "Working together for a safer London". A valid question might be, "A safer London for whom?"

Full marks to The Guardian for obtaining footage of the police brutality that led to the death of Ian Tomlinson and full marks to whomever filmed the footage in the first place. Now wait for the whitewash.

Update 09/04/09@01:28 Oh look, another of those lovely full-face mask wearing, rioting police types, hiding inside the otherwise empty RBS building. (Thanks@amtte)

The Rioting Police occupation of RBS seems to be fairly well documented, elsewhere in the world.

Welcome to prison ship Britain, TSG RBS computer says no.

Surprise, surprise. It's the Territorial Support Group doing what they're best at, again.


paul said...

Top post.
I like today's headlines:
Man who killed another may face charges.

The Antagonist said...

Thanks Paul.

I'm still waiting to see if anyone picks up on media/commentariat criticisms of protesters for covering their faces while simultaneously ignoring the balaclava-wearing, out of control, rioting cops with no badges or means of identification, other than the generic numbers plastered on the backs of their helmets.

Ain't no hypocrisy like the hypocrisy under fascism.

Speaking of fascism, all those police horses in attendance in the city, who's paying for them since HSBC bailed out?

paul said...

Without the balaclavas, the plods and courageous undercover press might get mistaken for protesters.

Are you still interested in that 7/7 business?

The Antagonist said...

Tempus fugit.

Hoping to have a gander at any new antics of the boy wonder at some point today.

paul said...

The dungeon of hate is running an opinion poll at this very moment.

The Boy Wonder said...

Excellent post.

Out of interest, where did the "peek-a-boo" pic come from?

The Antagonist said...

@ The Boy Wonder

Excellent post.

Thank you.

Out of interest, where did the "peek-a-boo" pic come from?

Funnily enough, it was discovered by an intrepid J7 researcher, in amongst the several years of wasting his time with 7/7 research.

Stef said...

re. g2o demo pics

there are some corkers here

The Antagonist said...

There certainly are some corkers, thanks for the link.

Including one of Ian Tomlinson being 'treated' by a 'police medic'.

Certainly quite obvious from film and photographic evidence quite who the violent rioters are.

Would have been a shame to get all togged up for a riot after years of training and then not have a riot, eh?

Wonderboy said...


re "Funnily enough, it was discovered by an intrepid J7 researcher, in amongst the several years of wasting his time with 7/7 research."


Got a link?

The Antagonist said...


The Antagonist said...

Despite all that, the police notions of what a 'medic' is, and should do, are very interesting indeed.

Maybe they don't take the Hippocratic Oath, favouring instead a the Hypocritical Oath, of course pledged to the Queen.

Cops/SIS and all the rest of them staging events and spending all their time filming and photographing the "large sections of the population [who] have become increasingly politicised" is as old as the hills.

And full marks to FitWatch for their tireless efforts in that regard.

Wonderboy said...



Thought this may interest:


Stef said...

From: Snowmail - Channel 4 News [snowmail_daily@channel4.com]
Sent: 08 April 2009 18:04
Subject: Tomlinson death: the missing moment?

Krishnan here tonight and we're leading with a crucial piece of new video evidence concerning the death of Ian Tomlinson last week, that the boffins here at ITN have recovered from a broken camera.

It is the missing part in the Guardian's video footage of Ian Tomlinson - the man who died in London during the G20 protests - being shoved by police and it shows an officer also fiercely struck out at Mr Tomlinson with a baton.

It turns out a Channel 4 News cameraman was rolling on the scene at the time too but the footage was not viewed at the time because the camera was damaged in a separate incident later that evening.

Anyway - they've rescued the undamaged tape and the footage clearly shows Ian Tomlinson walking along with his back to the police (as in the Guardian footage) before one of the officers steps across and whacks out at him with a baton.

The scene is then obscured a bit, but we see several police officers standing around not helping Mr Tomlinson, Mr Tomlinson is then seen walking off and officer who apparently attacked him is then seen talking to what appears to be a more senior officer.

Obviously the footage will be crucial for the Independent Police Complaints Commission. They have just upgraded their investigation to "fully independent" and ordered a second post-mortem.

Some of the officers involved have come forward - but we do not know if the man who appears to have struck out at Mr Tomlinson is among them, or the senior officer in our footage. There are calls for an independent judicial inquiry and a criminal investigation.

And many people are pointing out the echoes of the De Menezes death - in that it now seems clear the police gave false information about not having come into contact with Mr Tomlinson before his collapse.

The Antagonist said...

Thanks Stef, I was just about to post the very same thing.

Nice that ITN can retrieve footage from damaged cameras in a completely dissimilar way to that in which the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London can't.

Methinks the cops may have scored a few own goals this time around.

The Antagonist said...

^ Post updated with one more picture.

Cameras at the ready, Staged Media Operation Fred the Shred is underway.

Forget ye not the Battle of Culloden after which the 'policing' (which means rioting) strategy was named.

The Antagonist said...

Word on the Twitter wire is that even the police 'investigating' haven't managed to identify the barbarians in question yet.

Stef said...


Same country, different slaughter

The Antagonist said...

Scottish history, never one of my strong points!

Stef said...

It might be worth noting that the link I just gave to the Met's webpage on Operation Glencoe is to a cached copy

The direct link doesn't appear to work

Am now having a browse through the cached copy to see if there's any reason why that would be

Stef said...

... right click... save as...

The Antagonist said...

This, you mean?

Operation Glencoe

Operation Glencoe - policing and security for the G20 London Summit and associated demonstrations

Operation and command team:

Glencoe is a Benbow operation, which sees all of London’s police forces - the British Transport Police, City of London and the Met - working together under a joint command structure. In overall charge of the operation (Gold) is Commander Bob Broadhurst.

Commander Broadhurst - biography:

Commander Bob Broadhurst has 32 years service with the Metropolitan Police Service and has spent his whole career in uniform, mainly in South-East London. He was the Borough Commander at Sutton for four years and the deputy at Lambeth for one year. He was the Link Commander for South East London for four years, having overall responsibility for the eight Boroughs in that area, until he was appointed Commander ‘Public Order and Pan London Operational Support’ in July 2006.

An experienced Hostage Negotiator, he was the Negotiator Team Leader at the Afghan Airlines hi-jack at Stansted Airport, and the Gold Commander at the Hackney Siege, the longest siege in the UK. He is a frequent speaker at National Siege Management courses and has given inputs to the FBI Crisis Negotiator Course in Quantico, USA.

Bob has been commanding public order events since 1990 and has been involved in many large-scale demonstrations during that time. He currently commands ceremonial events such as Trooping the Colour and the State Opening of Parliament, and was the Gold Commander for the Wedding of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. He was in charge of policing for the Tour de France in 2007 and the Olympic Torch in 2008 as they passed through London. He is currently taking the lead on operational planning for the 2012 Olympics.

Commander Broadhurst was awarded the Queen's Police Medal in the 2005 Birthday Honours.


Speaking at a press briefing on 30th March 2009 Commander Simon O’Brien said:

"I’m here this afternoon to brief you about our policing plans for the upcoming G20 summit in London;

Our operation draws together all of London’s police forces working under one command team - and the overall commander for the operation is Commander Bob Broadhurst. This will be a joint operation working closely with our colleagues in the British Transport Police and the City of London Police. We are also working with colleagues from Essex, Sussex and Bedfordshire.

The operation will focus on the security not only of Excel as a site, but also the security of the delegates, where they’re staying and a variety of official engagements they will undertake - plus the policing of any demonstrations that the summit may attract.

London’s police are extremely experienced at policing these types of events, we deal with about 4,500 events each year. Yet it is fair to say that this will be one of the largest, most challenging and complicated operations that we have ever delivered.

In terms of security - you will not expect me to outline our plans and neither will I - what I can say is we have the right expertise, we have the right skills and number of officers in place suitable for this very large operation.

We will of course be bearing in mind the policing and general security backdrop and the fact this summit draws together leaders and figures from around the world, including Barack Obama on his first visit as the President of the United States to London.

There are a mixture of overt and covert security measures; as you would anticipate, access to the Excel site itself will be restricted. Overt security measures will include barriers and blockers plus police checkpoints. This may cause some disruption to the local community; and local officers have been working closely with the Excel centre and the local community - both business and residential - to keep them informed about the potential impact of our operation.

To deliver this operation we have cancelled all police leave for the 1st and 2nd April, and our operation - which has already started, spanning from the 24th March - will use a total of 10,500 officer shifts. We use that mechanism because one officer may well come back a number of times; so the accurate figure this is going to cost us is 10,500 officer tours of duty. Obviously the peak of those resources will be used on 1st and 2nd April.

We are getting aid from our colleagues outside London for some specialist functions, but these officers are fully integrated into the plan. They are colleagues that we are very used to working with both in and outside London. And I can say we have a range of contingencies to deal with every eventuality.

There will be a number of demonstrations linked to the summit, the first has already occurred over the weekend. We will always seek to facilitate lawful demonstrations and again, I would urge any group to contact us and work with us to achieve their aims.

There are however groups who by their very ethos mean that they will not work with or talk to police and there are those groups who are already in contact with us, and we are helping them facilitate their protest;

In terms of protest generally what I would say about the general picture we are seeing is this:

G20 is certainly attracting a significant amount of interest from protest groups, and there is almost an unprecedented level of activity going on; We are seeing the return of some old faces, people we have not seen on the protest circuit in London for some years; We believe that some protestors and groups see G20 as an opportunity to galvanise support for the protest scene in London; What we have yet to see is how achievable some of the aims and ideas being discussed are going to be.

So what we are expecting:

Already on Saturday a march of some 35,000 people progressed through London very peacefully and all the organisers were working with us and we facilitated that protest. There was only one arrest for an offence of drunkenness.

We are now currently dealing with the Presidential visit of the President of Mexico, and that visit goes today and tomorrow.

On Wednesday 1st April there are advertised demonstrations under the banner of Fossil Fools and Financial Fools Day. And there is also a Stop the War Coalition march that will go from Grosvenor Square to Trafalgar Square.

The number of demonstrations for Fossil fools and Financial Fools demonstrations are unknown. We’ve been monitoring chatrooms, emails, and open sources of information, and the aspiration of the demonstrators is to try and attract around about up to 2000 people. But again we will see whether that comes forward.

On Thursday 2nd the pictures of any demonstrations are still emerging. Thus far we’ve had seven notified demonstrations, and they range from things such as young people marching in London about the job market, to different protestor groups from different countries that may want to come forward and make a point about the situation in their own nation state. We think this may be that the protestors themselves are still deciding on what their plans actually will be, but we are expecting that the demonstrations will move and will be focused around the Excel centre.

As I said, there will be a complex operation at the Excel Centre on that day but we will make every effort to facilitate protestors, and again I ask that anyone wishing to protest at Excel comes forward and we will try and facilitate those demonstrations.

All our plans will facilitate lawful protest. What we will not allow for, nor will be tolerate is people breaking the law - attacking buildings, other people or our officers;

Our plan spans right across London, and we have a large number of officers acting as a reserve, giving us the ability to respond to whatever and wherever they are needed.

We are very well rehearsed in the tactics that we are going to be using - and we have a very experienced police command team to deal with it, probably some of the most experienced public order police officers that there are in Great Britain today. We have officers working to me and they will be in charge of specific areas and specific functions.

But it will also be said that whilst managing all this, policing levels across the rest of London will be maintained - crime won’t stop and we won’t stop dealing with it.

The cost of the operation will be around £7.2 million, of which about £2 million are additional costs, such as overtime etc. They are the general points I wish to make."

Bulletin 0000001234 31 March

Oh look, it's cached again.

The Antagonist said...

Two highlights:

All our plans will facilitate lawful protest. What we will not allow for, nor will be tolerate is people breaking the law - attacking buildings, other people or our officers;


We are very well rehearsed in the tactics that we are going to be using

Looks a bit like a script to me.

Stef said...

"All our plans will facilitate lawful protest."

Thank you, thank you. You're a lovely audience. We'll be here all week...

The Antagonist said...

Tomorrow's Guardian Daily podcast: Lib Dems call for G20 protest police involved in attack on Ian Tomlinson to come forward

That sort of courage isn't the first thing you'd attribute to riot-gear wearing, tooled-up, thugs who attack an innocent passer by from behind, is it?

Even knowing full well that they'll get away with it, as in the case of Jean Charles de Menezes and just about everyone else they've killed.

B Peach said...

"In a stunning conversation with a friend, who is a serving member of the Armed Forces, over the weekend, it was revealed that transfers to regiments and other units in the UK on home duties are being undertaken by the MOD based upon whether an individual was prepared to 'open fire' on UK citizens during civil disturbances."

The Antagonist said...

Someone's thinking what we're thinking.

Anonymous said...

Police medic in action

more police brutality

The Antagonist said...

^ Thanks for the additional photos. Here's another telling one.

Daleks and stairs. What happens when clear perspex visors and shields meet with the contents of paint spray cans?

@B Peach. Was frankly surprised at lack of visible army presence, but then they're mostly busy with terrorising people in other countries.

The Antagonist said...

New post mortem on G20 victim as Met faces claims he was attacked TWICE by riot police | Mail Online

Bridget said...

Who prevented the ambulance from getting through?

The Antagonist said...

Great video, Bridget. Thanks for posting that.

Anarchists must now be defined as "Rows of rioting police".

Shame on every single one of them.

The Antagonist said...

Civilian Camera (CC)TV Vs Fascism:

Little Brother is watching you

The Antagonist said...

Fit watch: FIT at the G20 protests

The G20 protests, London, April 2009 - a set on Flickr

paul said...

Operation glencoe - £7.2m to fail to protect a few windows?
Did anyone get charged for the mindless vandalism?

Antipholus Papps said...

Those police-issue magical healing sticks are very good at opening up the crown chakra!

Anonymous said...

I see you liked the rampaging medic picture too, I thought it kind of summed it all up.
Picture #16 on the Winnipeg Sun article is worth a closer look if you're looking for evidence of the shoddy quality of police anti-public weapons. The somewhat crazed looking police-woman appears to have hit someone so hard that her "Asp" has bent and indeed the end has snapped off. No mean feat.

Anonymous said...

The Guy in the foreground of the first picture is wearing a baseball cap that is identical to ones worn by many of the FIT photographers. Is this a coincidence or did the MET buy up a job lot and issue them to whoever needs one i.e FIT Photographers and under cover officers? Other examples of this cap can be seen in pictures on the FITWATCH blog and also on flickr group FORWARDS INTELLIGENCE. If the cap FIT's and all that.

corneilius said...

Results indicate intention. This is a natural law.

The RBS 'incident' was a set-up, which allowed the 'assault' on the Climate Campers to have a PR fig-leaf. That was it's main 'strategic' impact.

The Climate Campers were targetted because they have hosted successful and popular events highlighting the Governments useless 'carbon trading policies' etc etc with sound evidence based discussions of the issues.

The policing of previous climate camp escapades was also subject to inquiry and some detailed scrutiny, and the climate campers have been winning. The police to NOT LIKE TO LOSE FACE. Their political bosses give them a hard time of it when they do. They also have a 'systemic ego' to defend.

The Climate Campers were camped outside the flagship entity of this Governmants 'carbon trading off-set' fantasy. There was a piont to this - one not really discussed in all the coverage of the incidents. Why is this not being discussed? Who benefits? The violence and the 'fantasy' are linked.

The climate campers had told police that their intention was to camp for 24 hours, and were not told, by the police, in any official way, they could not do that (as far as I know)..

Thus after a day of peaceful activism, the climate campers and this who just happened to be in that area, were kettled at around 6.30, and as the sides of the kettle were squeezed, peaceful unarmed, unaggressive people at the edges were beaten back with extreme force, (see the rage on the riot-squaddies faces, see the injuries sustained by climate campers and others caught in the 'kettle') foot by foot, person by person, some of those who fell were beaten on the ground or trampled. All of this was intentional.

There was no where for those in the kettle to go. The Riot Squaddies knew this, of course.

Some were 'snatched' out only to be thrown back into the kettle. Many Riot-Squaddies seemd to be enjoying themselves, laughing and joking....

The Climate Campers were deliberately set-up, and then attacked to initimidate them, to 'teach them a lesson', pure and simple. Trauma as training. Empire.

This was nothing less than a deliberate deployment of the police to brutalise intelligent people who dare to question the authority of the system.

There is no point in noting that some police were friendly by way of mitigation. The issues are far too serious, not only for ourselves, but for all our children, and their futures.

If there are ANY policemen anywhere in the UK with a shred of genuine humanity and courage, (at least rhe courage equal to that of the climate campers) they will come forwards NOW and reveal what they know to be true, with regard to policing in general, yet 'put up with' as it's 'more than my jobs worth' or' I have kids to feed',' or 'I am no grass' etc etc..

If none do so, then they are as guilty as their commanders, as the political leaders (who are war criminals, and are thus governing illegally as we write). This is no time to be squeamish.

The Antagonist said...

Max Weber's "monopoly on violence" definition of the State seems appropriate.

The Antagonist said...

More monopoly on violence, police state, brutality here.

Video here.

Adolf Hitler is said to be "very pleased indeed" with the progress of the Fourth Reich.

The Antagonist said...

Well, well, in case there was any element of doubt about the staged nature of the RBS window smashing incident, there's this via Sinclair and CourtNews:

April 15, 2009

A drunken teenager who smashed his way into the Royal Bank of Scotland in the G20 demonstrations has walked free and will not have to pay for the damage. Daniel Champion, 18, had been drinking cider when he and a friend kicked their way into the bank on Threadneedle Street and wrecked a computer.
The legendary "drinking cider defence" hails another Champion.

The Antagonist said...

Something's gone a bit screwy with Blogger comments and line-breaks.

paul said...

I didn't realise cider had such a politicising effect on young folk. Nice that the judge was so forgiving.
"Milord, I was pissed and am strongly pro capitalist when sober."
If he was a real protester, he might have got this

The Antagonist said...

Yesterday's Snowmail, from Krishnan, who broke the key bit of news via Twitter a couple of minutes before the show went to air:

Krishnan here. A third incident from the G20 protests has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission - we'll have the details by 6.30pm.

That will be in addition to the death of Ian Tomlinson and the incident in which a woman was filmed being struck and beaten with a baton by another TSG (Territorial Support Group) officer in the Met.

We also have a development in the Tomlinson case. Channel 4 News has established a key fact regarding the post-mortems on Ian Tomlinson - I can't tell you what just yet.

But it is significant because the two post-mortems directly contradict each other.

Fresh evidence over G20 death: http://tinyurl.com/cyeluv

There is an absolute mountain of G20 rioting police brutality footage on YouTube, and other video upload sites.

The Guardian seems to have been leading the way with footage pilfered from YouTube, closely followed by ITN/Channel 4 News who obtained their own footage on the day.

Speaking of Channel 4 News, Alex Thomson's story from in among the rioting police brutality makes for an interesting read:

Channel 4 - News - Truth behind Tomlinson footage

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you'll have to face up to the fact that the photos make the anti-Capitalist movement look very silly indeed. That would explain why you must invent a conspiracy theory to hide your blushes. As you well know, the police were inside the building in order to gather evidence against the vandal smashing the window. Everyone knew he was about to smash the window, hence the photographers. That is not stage management, that is a protester making an idiot of himself.

Good to see Nicola Fisher flogging her story off for maximum profit to ultra-Capitalist Max Clifford. Once the opportunity arises to further oneself, out go the principles again! (I know this because lots my mates at university were Marxists and now they all have nice well-paid jobs and drive nice big cars.)

Interestingly Anfagonist, I seem to remember the police brutality at the 2004 Countryside March was a lot worse. Have a look at some of the pictures (perhaps they could go on your blog?). People with big houses, lots of money and lots of land being beaten to the floor by police, blood gushing from their foreheads. I wonder where that fits in with your theory about the police being the protectors of the monied classes??

You should understand that the reason why opinions such as yours are confined to the obscurity of the internet is not, as you no doubt believe, because what you say cuts so deep that the mainstream can't handle it. I would suggest it is because what you have to say is complete crap.

paul said...

Why did the police not nick the protester before he smashed up the window, they were there to prevent crime, after all.

While countryside alliance elite are well monied, I'm sure the majority on the march were ordinary rural folk, and getting a few of their skulls cracked served the alliance just fine.

Police brutality is never OK

I'd have a look at your keyboard, as you can't seem to type antagonist properly

Anonymous said...

Because, Paul, despite your cynicism, the police do not tend to arrest people until a crime has been committed. You should be happy that is the case.

On the subject of the Countryside March, I must congratulate you for being possibly the first person on the left to identify the fact that the protesters were not all toffs. But there were a lot of toffs there, who, along with the ordinary rural folk, had their heads smashed in. My point is that AnFagonist is wrong to say that the police is the protecting arm of the rich. They beat up rich and poor alike.

Interestingly, there was very little criticism in the mainstream media at the time, compared with the handling of the recent G20 protests. Therefore, I have a much more exciting conspiracy for you to look into: Media, education and politics in this country is dominated by the liberal left. Try investigating that (they're actually on your side) rather than the usual twaddle about 9/11, 7/7 etc etc.

paul said...

Cynical? Hardly

There are 11 recently released students who might argue that they wait till a crime has been committed.

Murdoch, Rothemere, Brown, Balls, all rather right wing folks

The internet seems to be full of people telling others what to 'look at'.
I've learned to ignore them

The Antagonist said...

John said...

My point is that AnFagonist is wrong to say that the police is the protecting arm of the rich. They beat up rich and poor alike.

Compared to the finance capitalist and banking classes that rule the economy, the landed countryside rich folk of which you speak are small potatoes. Consequently, as far as the State goes, they're fair game too. There are also lots of working class folk in the countryside, serving and waiting on the landed countryside rich folk, lest we forget.

[Countryside folk as fair 'game', see what I did there? That's clever word play in the same way that 'anfagonist' clearly isn't, although it does expose yet another facet of your bigoted 'thinking'.]

You can try and suggest the ills of the world are a result of how, "Media, education and politics in this country is dominated by the liberal left." but that would be as far off the mark as everything else you've chipped in so far.

The Antagonist said...

Great Channel 4 News report following the trail of police brutality in the lead up to the murder of Ian Tomlinson:

Channel 4 - News - G20 video evidence

The public inquiry that the State wants to keep in house. But can't.

Anonymous said...

Dear The AnFagonist,

Seeing as we're playing easily offended here, let me inform you urbanized folk a little about the countryside...

Contrary to what you see on television and read in the press, the countryside is not some feudal place where the poor peasantry spend their lives toiling and "serving and waiting on the landed countryside rich folk". You should realize that Marxist theory is well passed its sell-by date and develop your arguments a little. Either that or you've been spending too much time listening to The Archers.

To go back to my original point, the police is not the protecting arm of the rich as you suggested and my example of the Countryside March proves. Your only response seems to be to separate the ultra-rich banking/financial class from the equally rich rural gentry and claim the latter is small potato in the eyes of the former and therefore 'fair game' [chuckle]. Do you really believe yourself? If you were to stop viewing everything in terms of opressor and opressed then you might avoid making such ridiculous, contradictory statements.

By the way, our local landed aristocrat also happens to be a banker. Tally-ho!

Anonymous said...


Please don't upset me too much. Along with Paul, it would appear I am the only person who reads your blog! You need to hold on to that audience.

paul said...

I know why I do, why do you bother?

The Antagonist said...

Shall we pretend to be surprised now, or later?

[The Observer] G20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'

Sinclair said...

Youtube video of police incitors here: