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09 June 2009

Journey well, Lord Patel

It is a heavy heart that writes to advise that Lord Patel of the Internets [sic], otherwise known as Edward Teague, passed away earlier today.

The news of Lord Patel's passing, a man who was without doubt one of the most prolific and insightful UK bloggers bar none, is too sad for words, particularly since Postman Patel's blog was one of the few British blogs from which some true insight could be gleaned about the stories in, and behind, the news.

Postie's place in the annals of British blogging history rightfully deserves marking, not least because he always managed to put all the young whippersnappers to shame with his wit, insight, courage and forthrightness. Lord Patel of the Internets was a very special man indeed and he and his prolific blogging output will be sorely missed in among the otherwise bland, challenge-nothing, British blog-bromide brigade. Anyone with pretensions to blogging in earnest would do well to learn from the examples set by Postman Patel.

Lord Patel had the dubious privilege of being the first person to email your humble correspondent directly on the basis of some of the scribblings here on Reason, back in November 2005. In those days Lord Patel was one of the few UK-based bloggers challenging and questioning the unfolding story of the events of 7th July 2005, something that he continued to do over the years. Lord Patel became an ardent and welcome supporter of the efforts of J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign, and his support was such that, as well as writing many articles about the various events in July 2005 for his own blog, he was also the tenth person to sign the J7 petition demanding the release of all 7/7 related evidence.

Lord Patel of the Internets, Edward Teague, you were, and are still, much loved, and you will be sorely missed.

Thoughts, condolences and best wishes for, to and with Edward Teague's family, friends and acquaintances.

In addition to being a prolific blogger, Edward Teague was a husband, father, businessman, botanist, writer, copywriter, textilist, arts administrator, and bookshop owner. He also managed, among other things, a stint as Craig Murray's Blackburn campaign coordinator (with more here, here, here and here). Edward Teague was also a cartoonist, and it seems apt and fitting to leave the last words to the great man himself.

Journey well, Lord Patel.


Kier said...

Great tribute; his words (and pictures) struck too many of us for him to ever be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Farewell Postman. We lost a good un.

cmain said...

Well said; a great loss.

Unknown said...

Lord Patel-Edward Teague- would be delighted to read these and other comments not because he was a vain man, quite the contrary, but because he just wanted to make a contribution. I first met Edward when we were young students in Leicester and he has brightened my life ever since 1961.
His friends will be pleased to know that he passed away peacefully with his wife and daughter by his side.

The Antagonist said...

And what a regular, dedicated and concerted contribution he made, across such a broad and diverse range of topics. There ain't never gonna be another like him.

I feel privileged to have read his blog and indulged in the occasional email conversation, knowing the man for the best part of 50 years would be something else.

Various plans for a few of us bloggers to meet up with Lord P in person were foiled for one reason or another, but it has been a pleasure to know him even in the limited way I have done.

Thanks for stopping by Ken and for your comment, much appreciated at this sad time.

steve said...

Alas, and shame, I've never heard of the guy - but one good thing about the internet is that at least I can go and read his blog. A kind of immortality. . .
Good to see you back Antag. I tought you'd been depressed by the Jameses of this world (see post comments below) and packed it all in.

The Antagonist said...

Thanks, Steve.

Postie's bulging blog archives are well worth sifting through. Still not easy adjusting to the idea that the postie will knock no more.

Lack of posting here is due to a lack of free time, something that we're all meant to have more of, apparently.

James, and anonymongs of a similar ilk that have materialised over the years, make it all worthwhile.

The Antagonist said...

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