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03 October 2009

Happy 6th Birthday to Reason....

Anything that defies my sense of reason is, quite incredibly, six years old today.

While postings on the blog have been light of late, for many of the same reasons as outlined in The Sounds of Silence and the Persistence of Time (itself published some two years ago) your humble host has been playing in one or two other places:

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If you're new to Reason...., or if you just want a recap of roughly how it all came to be and what has happened along the way, you might want to read a recent interview with yours truly, courtesy of the Pakistan Spectator.

Blogs and the Internet have evolved rather substantially since this blog was born. The following question and response is taken from the Pakistan Spectator interview:
What do you think is the most exciting or most innovative use of technology in politics right now?
The way in which ordinary people now have the ability to communicate internationally, at the speed of light, with anyone and everyone, almost anywhere in the world is perhaps the most exciting and progressive use of technology. I think this has yet to be harnessed to its fullest and true potential, partly due to language barriers, but, like everything, it’s all process and everyone must learn to walk before they can run.
As this blog turns six, it looks like Google might well have gone some way to addressing the not inconsiderable matter of facilitating the harnessing of the Internet "to its fullest and true potential" by eradicating some of the language barriers with the built-in, real-time, language translation services being rolled out as part of GoogleWave.

If anyone at Google is reading and wants to help celebrate six years of Google/Blogger blogging, do feel free to send through a GoogleWave invite.

Meanwhile, here's to the next six years....

Seeing as Twitter gets a mention.... If you're a user of the Twitter service and struggling with the web interface, the Adobe Air Twitter client, DestroyTwitter comes very highly recommended. And, if you decide to use DestroyTwitter, there is the added bonus of not one but two Antagonista/Reason inspired DestroyTwitter themes:


Kier said...

"And, no matter how it’s spun, the personal isn’t always political."

Exactly right! One of the reasons I love your blog is your total lack of need or desire for symbiosis with your readers.
Thanks for all your writing; you are a massive inspiration, Antagonista. Viva La RevoluciĆ³n!

The Antagonist said...

Thanks, Kier. This place - and quite a few other things - wouldn't be the same or what they are without you and your invaluable contributions over the years. (Was this the first?) So I owe you a huge debt of at least as many thanks.

Viva La RevoluciĆ³n!

Shahid said...

Happy 6th Birthday!

Here's to 6 more years sir! At least!

Edo said...

Daar is er een jarig, hoora! hoora!


Nice to hear from you again Ant! Good interview, very Antagonist...

Hope everyone is well at J7.



word verification = plizzled (how the hell does it know? hic!)

Anonymous said...

Happy bday Ant.

I fear the last 6 years has seen things get worse, despite valiant efforts of 'reason' et al.
Would you agree?

What's your projections for the next 6?


paul said...

Meanwhile, here's to the next six years....

They're going to be interesting for sure. How I long to live in boring times.
Happy birthday, and many more to you.

The Antagonist said...

Thank you all very much indeed.

I think Paul accurately nailed the prediction for the next six years: "They're going to be interesting for sure."

The Antagonist said...

Veeeeeeeery interesting....

stef from south island said...

Paul has indeed nailed it I fear

Congratulations on your tenacity and long may it continue

Your are, I think, going to be busy

The Antagonist said...

Thanks Stef.

Honoured that you'd use the word 'tenacity' because the qualities that that word implies rightfully belong, if they belong to anyone, to the very dear and much missed Lord Patel.

The web, and analysis of what's going on around us, just isn't the same without him.

Anonymous said...

Another of my favourite blogs killed by twitter.I hate that thing so much.

LW said...

Mind Your Tweets

The Antagonist said...

Interesting link, thanks, it reminded of this: Who's in Big Brother's Database?

Still, if people come to realise that there are those who would like to make it illegal for anyone to have an opinion -- other than the one they have been trained to have through years of indoctrination -- much less be allowed to express that opinion, maybe they might begin think something untoward was going on.

The Antagonist said...

Another of my favourite blogs killed by twitter.I hate that thing so much.

Not quite 'killed', more 'condensed', about which more at some point in the near future.

The Antagonist said...

And, speaking of Mind Your Tweets, perhaps also mind what you're categorised as (except that option isn't available).

Still, I did laugh.

S said...

Tweet Tweet