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22 June 2005

Will Mel B. Do it for Charideeee?

Live8 nears, Bob Geldof's doing what he seems to be best at, and Mel B can't extricate her head from her anus for long enough to reform the rather tedious Spice Girls for the occasion owing to, "difficulty going back to something she did in the past".

Geldof, ever the diplomat, said, "I'll call her during the week and if she can't do it, she can't do it".

Just as well Bob doesn't have a problem with going back to something he did in the past, or there would be no Live8 concert for the has-been primadonna to rebuff.

The Antagonist has never known, or cared, what the 'B' in 'Mel B' stood for but is now guessing it's 'B' for 'Bollocks' and draws attention to the rebuff, not for lack of charity, but for a sense of wonderment about the following:
If the world has to rely on pop stars who have long passed their best-before dates, and dancing windbags of less-than-zero creative talent, to put the world to rights, quite why is there continued allowance, toleration and support of governments and International non-governmental organisations whose purpose seems to be little more than perpetuate the ills of the world as we all dig deeper into our pockets to rectify those same ills?
While we're on the subject, has anyone other than The Antagonist noticed the subtle irony of the latest Geldof African debt and food relief extravaganza being called 'Live Ate'.

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