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17 June 2005

Police Curiosity Piqued by Cash Carriers

Hot on the heel's of The Antagonist's post about the cashless society, the BBC today reports news of a couple under investigation for carrying large amounts of cash with them.

Drivers, and the authorities, in Hampshire were accidentally alerted to the large amount of cash being carried by the couple when over £10,000 in twenty pound notes showered the motorway from the bike on which the couple were travelling.

From the BBC story:
The motorcyclists, from the Isle of Wight, told police they were going to buy a car with the money.

"This raised our suspicions and we are making checks as to where the money came from at the moment but it's not an offence to carry money," the [Hampshire Police] spokeswoman added.
What's suspicious about anyone buying a car? And, for the sake of clarity, in case anyone missed the concept first time around:
"... at the moment it's not an offence to carry money."

It helps if we all pay very close attention to the words used by representatives of the authorities for they contain subtle pointers to the future they have already determined for us.

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