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05 July 2005

Live8/G8/Just8 - An African Perspective

Joined-up thinking that bites direct from Thinker's Room in Kenya, Africa, which espouses the same notion of 'people power' as John Pilger and, er, The Antagonist.

Live Aid? Please!

Personally I find it laughable watching a knighted man with a good dinner in his belly and the remnants of the said dinner at his elbow addressing the press from a plush, six star hotel in his passionate and very genuine belief that he can strike the blow that will end world poverty.


No, I am not holding my breath. The solution will not come from Live Aid or from G8. It will come from Africans who will finally refuse to accept the nonsense they are subjected to by their asinine leadership and throw the lot of the useless cretins out.

Thinker's follow-up, Get Real: Global Politics 101 & Live 8, makes for interesting reading too.

And, as the solution for Africans will come from refusing to accept their asinine leadership, so too will the solutions for the rest of the world come when we refuse to accept the asinine leaderships of Just8, and their ilk, and their twisted dedication to infinite 'profit' and 'growth' at any expense.

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