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13 July 2005

London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack


London Bombings 07/07/05 - A Call To Action

Only yesterday The Antagonist brought you news of the BBC story detailing covert emergency service exercises at Tower Hill station which took place a month prior to Thursday 7, July.

In exercises of this type a disaster situation is created where:
"All participants are unaware of the 'disaster' until the exercise starts, so they treat it as real as possible."
Today, The Antagonist brings you news of precisely the same type of covert emergency exercise, this time with over 1,000 people participating in Central London at exactly the same time as the 7/7 disaster.

Yes, you did read that correctly.

Confirmation of these exercises comes in the form of a Radio 5 Live interview with Peter Power, Managing Director of a Crisis Management company called Visor Consultants, the man who was charged with orchestrating the covert inter-agency operation.

The interview answers all the questions about 7/7 that anyone could have but that nobody seems to be asking about the glaring discrepancies between the media's haphazard and disjointed version of events, the government's 'reasonably clear' stance of not telling anyone anything at all, and the rapid proliferation of eye-witness and survivor accounts which discredit entirely almost all media stories.

During the Radio 5 Live interview, aired on the night of London's tragedy, Peter Power announced to listeners how his company had run an exercise earlier that day in Central London involving 1,000 people and which was based on "simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning".

Some coincidence!

By some fluke of chance that no sane bookmaker would give you odds on, this covert exercise occurred not just on the same day, but at exactly the same time, and involving exactly the same underground stations as "the real one", as Power later referred to it.

The full Radio 5 interview transcript with Peter Power is as follows:
POWER: ...at half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing upright.

HOST: To get this quite straight, you were running an exercise to see how you would cope with this and it happened while you were running the exercise?

POWER: Precisely, and it was about half past nine this morning, we planned this for a company and for obvious reasons I don't want to reveal their name but they're listening and they'll know it. And we had a room full of crisis managers for the first time they'd met and so within five minutes we made a pretty rapid decision that this is the real one and so we went through the correct drills of activating crisis management procedures to jump from slow time to quick time thinking and so on.

Click here for a clip of this dialogue. Click here for longer clip with comments in context. Courtesy of Prison Planet.

With the public broadcast and circulation of this interview we now have full and public confirmation of the collusion and complicity of the police, ambulance and fire services, London Underground, London Transport and a handful of other private enterprises, all with full, prior knowledge of the events that were to occur on the morning of 7/7, and all at a ridiculously senior level - remember "all participants are unaware of the 'disaster'" so they "treat it as real as possible."

Furthermore, all of the police officers and ambulance and fire crews on the ground and the transport staff under-ground, were all unwitting participants, completely oblivious to these covert activities and the disaster that was to befall them in Central London that morning, just like the unsuspecting commuters who had the misfortune to ride their daily trains to work in the middle of it all.

In light of this information and before the blame for the ever increasing number of deaths at the hands of this tragedy is misappropriated, The Antagonist urges that the people of the United Kingdom unite in one great spirit of togetherness in their strenuous and steadfast demands to hold politicians and the government to account over exactly what occurred in London on the morning of Thursday 7, July 2005.

They work for you, not the other way around and there are a lot of questions to be asked from here-on in but, initially, you only need one very simple one:
Dear MP

Re: Thursday July 7, 2005

Please explain the apparent coincidence between the covert operations of 1,000 people in Central London, as organised by Mr Peter Power of Visor Consultants, during which, by the admission of Mr Power, exercises were "based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations" in which, as Mr Power's operation was taking place, a number of simultaneous bombs did indeed go off killing and injuring numerous innocent civilians.

Feel free to add the answers of your local MP in the comments to this post, The Antagonist is fairly certain there's bound to be at least a few interesting responses.


Anonymous said...

I think you are jumping to conclusions somewhat.

The interview simply states that the security consultancy was running a seminar for the crisis management team of "a company" which happens to have 1000 employees in London i.e. not London Underground

That is not so unusual and there are probably several of these every week in London.

"1000 people" were not participating in this exercise, and neither, were these people actually London Underground or Emergency Services staff

The claims about their planning scenarios coinciding exactly with the stations which were bombed has to be taken with a pinch of salt, since it is obvious that not even the bombers could be sure precisely where their time synchronised bombs would detonate during the rush hour, when there could be any number of delays, and the initial reports about the actual staions were wrong, understandably, because of bombs which exploded betwen two stations.
e.g. there were reports of Moorgate, Bank and Old Street as having been affected, which are near to Liverpool Steet and Aldgate East, between which a bomb did explode.

I am sure that the planning scenarios were close enough to the truth. Unless there was a bomb scare close to the company's premises, creating a local exclusion zone, the planned actions of the crisis management team would be exactly the same, in response to the shutdown of the whole London Underground network etc.

If you want to write to your MP about the how things could have been handled better or differently, you might consider the licensing of CCTV surveillance camera operators so that the time currently being wasted collating all the relvant CCTV tapes etc. can be reduced, and that such systems are actually maintained to minimum standards, which they are not.

Or else you could campaign to ensure that the DNA evidence from the 700 injured victims of the bombs is not retained forver by the authorities, thereby tagging them as potential terrorist bombers or accomplices for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous said...

My feelings on this;

1. A complete coincidence
2. Not a coincidence
3. Synchronicity at work


The Antagonist said...

The quote from Peter Power is, "we were actually running an exercise" with "1,000 people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations that it happened this morning".

The unlikely coincidence of events leads even Power to add, "so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing upright!"

The word "Precisely" is entirely too precise to be coincidence.

A week before, a week later, perhaps. "Precisely at the railway stations that it happened" and at the exact same time "the real one" was going on, absolutely no chance.

Bear in mind that this apparent coincidence of disaster and rehearsal for disaster at "precisely the railway stations that it happened" is one of the very few confirmed and provable facts that we, the general public, have in relation to this entire incident and, as such, it is worth pursuing immediately.

At least 1,000 people are now known and confirmed to have been in the vicinity of the incidents and could potentially hold vital information with regard to establishing what occurred on that fateful morning.

That we pursue this avenue further does not preclude the pursuance of all the other related issues, such as those you mention, all of which that are inextricably linked in to a situation of national and global interest such as this.

Anonymous said...

watch our rights slip away, thats what InI say.
either that or its another, bigger one to add the ante up, seen?