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30 September 2005

Jean Charles de Menezes - Public meeting & Offical campaign launch

A quick update on the Justice4Jean Campaign which has moved the official launch of the campaign to Monday 10th October 2005, 6.30pm, New Theatre, London School of Economics, Houghton St, WC1 (nearest tube Holborn).

The following information about the event was issued earlier today:
Dear friends,

As you will be aware, Jean's parents and brother have travelled thousands of miles to come to this country to find out the truth about what happened to their son and to demand justice.

Please find below details of the first public meeting of the Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign. It had to be moved from Conway Hall on 3rd Oct due to pressing legal engagements for the family but it will now be taking place on 10th October at the LSE.

This is an opportunity to show your solidarity and support to Jean's parents and family. They need to know the people of London and this country are with them

Please forward this to all email lists you have and encourage your family, friends and co-workers to attend.

I hope you join us for this public meeting and bring messages of support for the family.

best wishes
Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign

Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign present

Public Meeting and Campaign Launch: Shoot First - Ask Questions later?

Monday 10th October 2005, 6.30pm
New Theatre, London School of Economics
Houghton St, WC1
(nearest tube Holborn)

Speakers include:

From Brazil: Jean’s parents Matozinhos Otone Da Silva and Maria Otone de Menezes and Jean’s brother Giovanni da Silva

  • Gareth Pierce - the Menezes family lawyer
  • Irene Khan - Secretary General of Amnesty International
  • Bianca Jagger
  • Prof Tariq Ramadan
  • Matthew Taylor MP
  • Benjamin Zephania (invited)
  • Frank Dobson MP (invited)
  • Salma Yaqoob

On 22nd July, Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead by police at Stockwell tube. This meeting is the official campaign launch of the Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign. It is an opportunity for the people of London to show support for the Menezes family hear about the next steps for the campaign for truth and justice.

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