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04 September 2005

MI6 of the Best

121 British 'secret agents' are named on the internet
By Nick Sommerlad, 30 August 2005

SCORES of British spies fear their cover is blown after they were named by a US website. It listed 121 alleged secret agents - including former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown. Some are understood to be serving intelligence officers based around the world.


Lawyers are looking at ways of taking the list off the net.


The site, which we are not naming, has long been a thorn in the side of the intelligence community for publishing secrets. This month it named another 74 alleged MI6 agents - on top of 116 in 1999.

The Antagonist isn't nearly quite so coy as the Daily Mirror with information that has been in the public domain for some time and points curious readers to John Young's excellent Cryptome and the lists of MI6 agents: one [13 May 1999], two [21 August 2005], and three [28 August 2005].

In case there was any doubt as to the authenticity of these lists, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office HM Diplomatic Service's Overseas Reference List of August 2005 lists many of the named officials, confirms their 2005 positions and stations, and is available as a PDF or Word document for ease of consumption.

Cryptome also has some nice photos from the ranch protest in Crawford, Texas, including this one of Bush holding hands with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah as they walk at his ranch in Crawford, Texas April 25, 2005.

Crown Prince Abdullah became King on Aug. 1, 2005, upon the death of his half brother, King Fahd. Fahd was 84. Abdullah is 81 and essentially has been the kingdom's leader since 1995, when Fahd was sidelined by a stroke. (AP Photo/Mandatory Credit:Christopher Morris/VII).

If you look very closely at the photo above, you can almost see the strings of Bush, Abdullah and company being operated by the Great Puppetmaster in the sky.

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