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01 November 2008

Antagonista TV #1960S Peter Dale Scott & Dan Hamburg on Continuity of Government

A little light viewing and listening for the weekend. Forget conspiracy theories, here's a few ruling class conspiracy facts that will assist in putting world events into their correct historical and political contexts, thereby making them a little more comprehensible.

Peter Dale Scott
discusses: Self censorship, drugs, the CIA, 9/11, JFK, Gary Webb, Deep Politics, Deep Events, Team B, Reagan, Oliver North, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Neocons, Martial Law, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, U.S. Election, Obama, McCain, PNAC, "a new Pearl Harbour", FEMA camps, warrantless surveillance, warrantless detention (known by its name of concealment in the UK as "42 days"), military dictatorships that speak English, wargames, bloggers as targets of wargames, Military Coups, hearts and minds, and a permanent state of class war; it's got the lot and more!

Peter Dale Scott & Dan Hamburg on 'COG'
Peter Dale Scott and former Democratic Party Congressman Dan Hamburg discuss "COG" - Continuity of Government plans by the George Walker Bush administration, and previous administrations. Recorded August 8, 2008.

Via 9/11 Blogger.

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