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03 November 2008

Antagonista TV #USA08 Obama McCain Election Special

For anyone in the U.K. that isn't sick to the back teeth of the endless coverage of the red, white and blue fake democracy propaganda that has been belching forth from hologram generators in the corners of every room for a period of time that is interminably longer than anyone cares to remember -- like we should care a hang anyway about change for "the cousins" when there's a huge, steaming pile to deal with in our own back yard -- here's George Carlin (R.I.P) with a little American election perspective.

"Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em!"

More on comedians with a revolutionary bent later, just in case you haven't had enough of those two either.


Anonymous said...

More on comedians with a revolutionary bent later

Yes please! And make sure you include Doug Stanhope and Louis CK!

The Antagonist said...

The piece I had in mind was a little more specific than that, for the time being at least.

Don't know much about Louis CK, but if his most recent piece is anything to go by, I don't know if he quite qualifies as a revolutionary comedian.

Maybe I'm missing something....

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's rather disappointing. He's much more fun learning about the catholic church!

The Antagonist said...

Now that's much more like it, and here's the piece involving comedians, or at least a comedian, with a revolutionary bent.

The Antagonist said...

George Carlin dies and the video embedded in this post, and this one, and this one are replaced by "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by WMG." Elsewhere a whole series of others have been removed "due to a copyright claim by Home Box Office Inc."

A perfect example of parasitic capitalism in action. The genius creator and presenter of the material dies, leaving a legacy of good humour behind him, yet the only concern of capitalists -- who would have a hard time convincing anyone they're acting in George Carlin's interests -- is cashing in on post mortem sales.