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11 November 2008

I hate to say I told you so, but.....

From this very blog some three and a half years ago:
25 June 2005
Filesharing - The New Economy of Community
All this time later and those lovely people historically responsible for holding vibrations of air hostage are still trying to figure a way to keep their profitable racketeering going by 'monetising" Peer-to-Peer (P2P) filesharing while simultaneously co-opting The Antagonist's very own "new economy" tag:
30th October 2008 18:21 GMT
The Register
A new economics of P2P file sharing
The difference between the two? In the new economy of community sharing, a trait taught to toddlers, isn't a crime.

Better yet, El Reg does the Antagonista-told-you-so-doble, complete with a beautifully ironic twist.

The following quote about your humble blogger -- note the name of the person who penned it -- is taken from the Feelers' right-hand sidebar entry over that-a-way ->:
"I’m glad to be able to announce that the UK now has it’s very own mindless twit. || Either that or he’s a damn good satirist."
- Tim Worstall
Three posts of a kind, all about the popularly propagated myth that cannabis consumption is responsible for increased levels of psychosis, all published right here on Reason.... just weeks before the 2005 coup d'etat "power surge" changed everything:
Three and half years on from the three of a kind and El Reg publishes this little gem by, er, the same author as the Feelers quote:
6th November 2008 13:19 GMT
The Register
Study clears cannabis of schizophrenia rap
No greater risk than general non-tokers
By Tim Worstall

Well, well. Who'd have thunk it? More amusing yet is the fact that Worstall uses a few points about the myth of cannabis psychosis, made by yours truly in the articles posted over three years ago, and then claims that nobody has ever posited such notions before.

Apparently, the truth of any matter is of no consequence until it is coopted, prounounced by, and charged for by scientists.

Ho ho ho! "Mindless twit" it is then, as confirmed by scientists after  three years of intensive research.


Bridget said...

Prescription Drugs Kill 300 Percent More Americans than Illegal Drugs

The Antagonist said...

Meanwhile, in the good old United Mistakes of America, almost a million people are busted for possession of a harmless plant: Marijuana Arrests For Year 2007: 872,721

After years of coalition force activity in Afghanistan, opium crops have reached record levels and Afghanistan now has the infrastructure to export heroin instead of raw opium. Of course, there's no connection between the two and Gary Webb is probably turning in his early grave.

The Antagonist said...

See also Global Pharmaceuticals - sicker and sicker.

Anonymous said...

You've always been a lot more influential than any mainstream cunt, male or female, would ever knowingly credit you for.

I thought Gary Webb was Gary Numan's real name?

The Antagonist said...

As ever, too kind.

Webb might be Numan's original nym, but I was referring to the journalist that implicated the CIA in drug-running, and who met with an untimely death for doing so. Turned out his allegations were in the right ball park despite fervent denials at the time.

"Never believe something is true until it's officially denied", I think the saying goes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr. Webb was a man of amazing skills, said to have committed suicide by shooting himself in the head - TWICE. What talent.

The Antagonist said...

Does that count as a double suicide?