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28 July 2005

London 7/7: In Response to Bridget Dunne

Update: For detailed and in depth analysis of the events that occurred in London on 7th July 2005, please see the web site of J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign. Please also sign the J7 RELEASE THE EVIDENCE Petition which calls on the British government to release the evidence that will conclusively prove or disprove, beyond reasonable doubt, the official story of what happened on 7/7.

For a full analysis of the simultaneous anti-terror rehearsal drill referred to in this post, the drill that was being conducted by Peter Power and Visor Consultants on 7/7 please see here.
"there could have been had [sic] a power surge which could have had quite catastrophic casualty levels.
We have always been aware of that on the Underground."

: Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone
March 1st 2006 [PDF source]

London resident Bridget Dunne wrote a letter to the Camden New Journal (Page 15, Letters, 21 July) outlining her concerns that all might not be quite as the media portrays it with regard to the events of 7/7 and the incidents that have or, in fact, haven't happened since. Yesterday, Bridget kindly added some additional information in a comment on this post.

The Antagonist would like to thank Bridget for her comments, the information contained there-in, say, "there's more - a mysterious unexplained fifth device", and state that where any relevant information is repeated, it is far better that the facts are repeated than to forget that a few facts do still exist in amongst the ongoing media hysteria which seems to ignore them entirely.

As explained in detail in this post, The Antagonist is of the opinion that the 'exploding' bus was a component part of Peter Power's 1,000 man exercise in central London on the morning of 7/7 and has been used to create the illusion that something other than corporate manslaughter is responsible for the horrific deaths on the London Underground that day. This theory also explains many anomalies of the Number 30 bus journey, including an almost packed top deck of people left standing, apparently otherwise unharmed, after the 'explosion' that managed to blow the roof clean off the bus (see photos in this post). It also explains why the bus was curiously diverted from its normal route along Euston Road into Tavistock Square where it 'exploded'.

Why was the bus diverted to Tavistock Square? Well, according to the information posted in the comments elsewhere on this blog, Tavistock Square contains none other than:
"Fortress GB, located at Tavistock House, Tavistock Square, partners to ICTS (UK) Ltd, - railway security management specialists who are engaged in several security projects for London Underground."

This information is true and knowing for whom the crisis management exercise was organised is a key piece of information in understanding the events of 7/7. That Peter Power has since claimed commercial confidentiality for his exercise to remove himself from the loop of questioning is utter nonsense, especially in light of the massive international anti-terrorist hunt that is the focus of global media attention. Then again, he is an ex-Scotland Yard anti-terror operative so he's undoubtedly still having a number of off-the-record conversations with senior ex-colleagues at some level.

If plain clothes policemen who are not required to identify themselves as such can shoot innocent individuals, offer token apologies for such a travesty, and in the same breath say, "there's going to be more shootings of innocent people" without causing consternation, surely they can stretch to asking Peter Power, Visor Consultants, Fortress GB, ICTS, and associated organisations a few questions about what they were up to on July 7th? And, if the police won't do it, what happened to the concept of journalistic integrity and following facts and valid leads rather than generating mindless rumour and speculation?

Fortress GB and ICTS (UK) Ltd are precisely the type of organisations for whom Peter Power's Visor Consultants might organise a large 1,000-man crisis management exercise and The Antagonist does not believe that any confidentiality can be claimed by any party involved in that exercise in light of the ongoing international anti-terrorist hunt. Yet, if The Antagonist were to suggest that Peter Power be given the same right to confidentiality as Jean Charles de Menezes had when plain clothes police officers bundled him and shot him in the head seven times while sitting on top of him, there would, no doubt, be an outrage.

When considering the notion of the exploding bus being a product of Peter Power's crisis management exercise, it is crucial to remember that prior knowledge of these exercises is kept to a minimum - a strictly need-to-know basis - to ensure that the emergency services and the individuals involved react naturally and 'treat it as real as possible'.

If you don't inform the emergency services, you certainly don't inform members of the general public either and, as no-one would tolerate the random exploding of innocent civilians as part of routine crisis management exercises that take place all the time, these exercises employ clever pyrotechnics, stuntmen, and actors ('players' as Peter Power refers to them) to portray the parts of the 'civilians' and 'victims' involved in the crisis to be managed - just like in the movies where lots of things go bang all the time leaving lots of apparently horrific walking wounded, dead people and body parts in the aftermath.

This is precisely how you blow the roof clean off a diverted double-decker bus and leave a bundle of people standing on the top deck looking otherwise unharmed because, being hired hands, they knew the roof was going to be lifted off, with the back of the bus being the source of the energy required to do so. The Antagonist has no access to the remnants of the bus to determine whether the bus curiously diverted to Tavistock Square had been otherwise tampered with to create the devastating appearance and leave a top deck full of survivors but this must also be considered as a factor in the staging of a realistic 1,000 man crisis simulation exercise.

As Islam is a common media theme in connection with events of the last three weeks, the perfect analogy for the bus being diverted to end-up in front of Fortress GB's offices while a 1,000-man crisis management exercise that they might have organised was being conducted, is that of, "if the mountain won't come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain." Far easier to move a specially designed transportation device to be in front of the offices of a company who may have organised the 1,000-man crisis management exercise than it is to move the offices of the company to the transportation device. To undertake the latter would of course involve rather widespread prior knowledge and we already know prior knowledge doesn't apply in these rehearsal situations. Even the driver didn't know, but he was never going to be harmed, which is why he can be interviewed as a genuine victim of a 'bomb blast'.

If The Antagonist's observations are correct and the Number 30 bus full of stuntmen and actors was diverted as part of Peter Power's 1,000 man crisis management exercise in Central London into Tavistock Square and 'exploded' in front of the offices of Fortress GB, then we are left only with the simultaneous 'exploding' trains to explain which MetroNet and the media attributed for some time on the day to a power surge. This is a perfectly normal and rational explanation for what occurred, supports the survivor accounts perfectly and yet this story has somehow become an incredulous conspiracy that is beyond the realms of comprehension.

It is the belief of The Antagonist that the original power surge story was changed when it was recognised quite how many people had been killed by the power surge. Somewhere along the line, in the upper echelons of the corridors of power, it was decided that, the blood from another UK rail tragedy would, yet again, not be found on corporate hands.

If this is what did indeed occur, then perhaps it might fall to someone with the wit, resources and connections of the ex-Manager of Intelligence Operations at the CIA and then Executive Assistant to the Director of the CIA, none other than London Underground Commissioner Robert Kiley, to dream-up such a cunning cover-up for the needless deaths that occurred on an Underground system under his watch.

You can fill the media with nonsense about terrorists and bombs for which little or no real evidence appears to exist, and you can hunt down all the off-white people the world over in a global crusade against Islam as is glaringly evident. You can even shoot innocent people seven times in the head in supposedly free and democractic countries on the basis of no justification at all, just because they look a little different to an anachronistic concept of what an Englishman might look like. You can do all of this with no little or no comeback and you can also then go on to say that you're going to do it all again.

But, you can only get away with this irrational madness, all of which is based on unfounded 'beliefs', 'coulds', and 'mights', and on the information from anonymous 'security experts' 'intelligence experts' and 'police sources', if the world is convinced that there are terrorists everywhere.

You can also only get away with it, while those that are still imbued with the innate gift of curiosity are in the minority. Those days are long gone and the powers that be know it. They created the Internet to save themselves from Communists and in the process of so doing created an Internet media revolution that liberated information for everyone, thereby enabling the opinions of everyone - no matter how valid - to be read the world over, right alongside the now largely outdated opinions of the supposedly educated few.

You can get away with the media madness as described above for a time. What you cannot do is change the few facts that underlie what actually occurred on the fateful day of July 7, 2005. Nor can you change the truth which links those precious few facts together.

The truth, like so many other things, cannot be suppressed indefinitely and, in the absence of any visible media cooperation to so do, it is down to the people of the United Kingdom - the likes of Bridget Dunne and anyone else that dares to question the facts such as we can know anything to be - to ensure that the truth is reached.

Sooner would be infinitely better than later.


Anonymous said...


I've just found your posting of my letter to the CNJ and just wanted to let you know that I've had the following reply from TFL to my question "What time did each of the trains leave Kings Cross on 7/7?"

I understand your point about the time helping eye witnesses. It is now clear that all three explosions were between 8.50 and 8.51am. Of course we have the track data to know exactly when each train left each station, but I think that any eye witnesses should concentrate on the run up to the key time of 8.50am. I hope that I have answered your questions, clarified the situation and set your mind at rest. Please contact us again if you need any help from London Underground in the future. Yours sincerely Robert Wolstenholme Customer Service Advisor Customer Service Centre 0845 330 9880

TFL advertise Bob Kiley's CIA and CFR credentials YET we are not allowed to know the movement of these trains. WHY NOT?
Perhaps we could all keep trying to find this out by contacting Mr Wolstenholme, his phone number is included.

The psychotic panic that has broken out on our streets makes me feel that the (original?) purpose of these attacks, to strengthen the police state, has increasingly transformed into an exercise to petrify and threaten the people who know what actually happened that day. (Just check out the locations!)

Any suggestions on how I can find out this (hardly top secret) information would be very welcome.

Your site is truly inspiring, I've just printed out the Oxygen poem for my kids (it made me cry).

Best Wishes

The Antagonist said...

Thanks for your comments and kind words, Bridget, and for the information from TFL.

With regard to the psychotic panic of the nation and the furtherance of a police state, it would be rather more difficult to introduce a police state if no such state of panic existed.

So, assuming two separate stories were merged, those of an accident on the Underground and a 1,000 man security rehearsal operation from which the exploded bus was taken to tie the terrorist theory together, then we are left with no justification at all for the state of police, media and public panic that is leading everyone into blind acceptance of a trigger-happy, armed police force operating a shoot-to-kill policy.

What is beyond credulity is that these increased security measures that restrict the liberty, freedom and privacy of every single UK citizen, are billed as 'the terrorists' taking away our liberty and freedom, not our government with their imposed and increasingly restrictive laws.

If only someone would care to explain how the general public being treated en masse as if they were all guilty of terrorism might work in the public's favour, especially in light of the fact that it is openly admitted by the government, police and security services that the terrorists are impossible to stop.

Then again, if you take into account all the government supported terrorism, ongoing in various parts of the world, it could indeed be said that the removal of our freedoms is the work of terrorists, and some of the mightiest ones in the world at that.

Anonymous said...

Here here!

I make no differentiation between the terrorists and the politicians. They are all the same to me.

Remember how quickly, (during the Kosovo War), the KLA went from being listed as terrorist organisation by the U.S. State Department to sudden reinstatement as 'Freedom Fighters'?


I tar them all with the same brush.

And I need a mighty big brush.

The Antagonist said...

Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism.

Meanwhile, the list of interesting organisations located in and around Tavistock Square goes on:

British Transport Police
15 Tavistock Place
Tel: 0207 830 8800

Further British Transport Police contact details for readers with any questions about the events of 7/7 are on the media contacts page.

Anonymous said...

Are you an absolute freak?!?!

I was standing about three to five feet away from the bomber at Kings Cross and got the back part of my lower left leg blown away - I have been off work for six months and am still having trauma counselling.

You have no sense whatsoever - the idiocy of thinking this is a conspiracy quite simply boggles the mind. There are now nearly sixty families who have lost a family member and hundreds more, like my own, who have had to deal with the aftermath of this ATTACK - not a conspiracy, but an ATTACK - by terrorists. Are the almost daily events in Iraq a conspiracy? Are people merely pretending to be blown up? I am not an actor, I am an ordinary human who, like some many others, have now experienced terrorism first hand. You are a mindless dolt and in my opinion are no better than the radicals touting their idea of the "truth" in order to recruit suicide bombers.

The Antagonist said...


Words cannot convey the sympathy and anguish I feel for you and all those who suffered and have been traumatised as a result of what happened on July 7th.

I never claimed anyone on the underground was an actor and, with hindsight, I don't believe anyone on the bus was an actor either.

We know that on the day survivors and injured from the underground were being transported to hospital on buses from the affected stations and we know that the Number 30 bus was the only bus diverted from its usual route that morning. It was also the only bus that exploded.

There are a considerable number of anomalies about the bus, beginning with the fact that it occurred 57 minutes later than the 'almost simultaneous' incidents on the Underground.

I can only urge you to read London 7/7: How To Be Good which discusses the official 'narrative', the evidence presented to support the official narrative and the FACTS that mainstream media journalists appear to have ignored entirely about the movement of the Thameslink and underground trains on the day. If the facts of the day are anything to do with what happened, the official narrative is not the case.

Is Iraq a conspiracy? Did the Blair/Bush combo of state warmongers lie to make the Iraq war happen and kill anywhere between 30,000 (Source: George Walker Bush guesstimate) to 100,000 (Source: The Lancet)?

I have no agenda other than getting to the truth behind what happened on July 7th. I am perfectly prepared to believe that it was an atrocity carried out by Muslim extremists when the incontrovertible evidence to support this has been presented.

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Trotter of the British Transport Police said the crime scenes were "CCTV-rich" environments. He added: "Much has been retrieved and continues to be retrieved from roads and railway stations. We certainly hope that CCTV may assist in this inquiry."

Where is it? A cancelled train and one image of the four alleged to have perpertrated this atrocity in which three faces are unidentifiable does not qualify.

The government have twice refused the victims, their families, survivors and the British people an inquiry and government inquiries have a history of being, well, government inquiries. Recent history should tell us all we need to know about those. That the government have twice stated they do not want questions to be asked should be sufficient cause for concern in itself. Why not? Who benefits? The victims? The survivors? The driver of train 311 of whom the police have no record and who has been refused compensation as a result? The British public? Or merely the culture of fear which serves the state no end and the people no purpose at all?

Is the same state that lied to the British people about Iraq, rendition, torture and who now convicts people for daring to protest suddenly going to start telling us all the truth?

Those of us who question how the story of multiple staggered power surges and explosions that were reported for hours turned into simultaneous suicide bombs detonated by four, young, British born Muslims are not against you, we are very much with you.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, kindly retract your statement that actors were involved at all (and not in the comments section - create a new post)

Secondly, stop the crap about the train carriage number as - how about this for a theory - someone mis-typed it? It's a pretty far-out theory, but there you go.

Thirdly, we were there, you ere not. Conjecture, conjecture, conjecture. Consiparcy theorists are (quite simply) full of it. It dos not wash. It will not wash. Four people were recruited (brainwashed) by some evil organisation to murder regardless of race, colour or religion. If the war in Iraq was over, troops pulled out etc would attacks end? Of course not, as it is about power!

The extremists would sense a weakened enemy and pummel Iraq and Wetern countries to underline their dominance.

It isn't about religion, as Muslims were killed in the attacks! What do that say Sidique Khan talking about fighting for his brothers and sisters when he helped kill them?

As I said above, I look forward to your retraction in a brand new post for all to see and I look forward to more holes being blown into your search for the "truth". I see my truth when I look at my leg and see a part of it missing. I hear my truth when the tinnitus from my blown-out eardrum is going strong. Other people see their truth when they saw their legs mangled from A SUICIDE BOMBER.

Anonymous said...

Four simple points:

a) the explosives were just that, explosives, and not incendiary devices. There is a difference! Therefore no charring on the No.30
b) they were home made and not military.
c) Tube trains AND BUSES are designed to have a minimum amount of flamable material. Aluminium (used to construct trains and buses)does burn, but only when exposed to prolonged intense fire. See the bombing of the Sir Galahad warship in the Falklands conflict for example of this.
d) The bomb on the No.30 was detonated upstairs. Away from the fuel tank.

Therefore you are wrong to compare these to car bomb attacks in the Middle East as they often use larger military explosives and incendiaries.
They are detonated closer to fuel tanks on single deck buses.
Also the bus bomb was vented by blowing the roof off, therefore less damage. Simple physics.
I haven't discovered these facts in some police/press report which has eluded you. It is common sense.
I would appreciate a constructive answer, aka "theory" which suggests different.

Anonymous said...

Why do you choose to believe that this is a conspiracy? It was not a conspiracy. It was an act of Terrorism by young men tainted by hatred and an excuse of religious beliefs. As stated by someone earlier "You were not there". I work for one of the companies mentioned in your articles. I have done so for a number of years. My office is less than 15ft from the back of the bus when it exploded.. An excercise arranged to test contingencies or whatever other theory you have.. Complete bollox. Our company had nothing to do with this incident. Go and find something worthwhile to do and stop upsetting the British Public with your rubbish. This was an act of terrorism its as simple as that... It happens EVERY day in Iraq.. You'll be saying that's all planned as well next.

The Antagonist said...

Thank you, anonymong, from Fortress GB.

You obviously have no idea what the word 'conspiracy' means, I suggest you look it up.