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30 January 2006

de Menezes Murder: IPCC report leaks more evidence of a cover up

Three arrests already in connection with the August 2005 leaks from the IPCC investigation into the Mossad-style execution of innocent Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes. The most recent arrest was that of an ITN journalist and news producer on suspicion of theft. Ironic perhaps that the story hailed as one of the biggest scoops in the history of British television news, entered by ITV for the Royal Television Society awards, should result in the arrest of three people involved with making it happen.

Eleven days ago, the report from the IPCC investigation into the killing was issued to a select few people. Yesterday, some aspects of the report gained slightly wider recognition with leaked information providing yet more damning evidence of a cover-up, the scale of which appears to be much more elaborate than before.

Recall the original IPCC leak in which the officer in charge of watching the block of flats, apparently for Hussain Osman / Hamdi Isaac, was 'relieving himself' at the time de Menezes exited the flats and that no positive identification was made at that time. The officer recommended someone else check out the man in question and de Menezes was then followed on his journey to Stockwell tube station.

The leaked report seems to suggest that not only did someone check out de Menezes but that de Menezes was positively identified as Hussain Osman, the bomber with no bomb from the previous day, July 21st.

No doubt an easy mistake to make as these pictures of de Menezes and Osman clearly show:

The leak reveals that crude attempts were apparently made by Special Branch to fake the log of events at a debriefing session held later that day. The aim of the tampering was to make it look as though no positive identification of De Menezes had been made. Perhaps this was done once the error had been realised, or perhaps it was done precisely according to plan. Either way, removing the notion of a positive identication of the suspect - presumably determined by a member of one of the surveillance teams - would have the desired effect of shifting blame for the murder to those who would appear to have murdered someone who had not been identified as being a threat, and/or those responsible for operating the shoot to kill policy.

Some revelation indeed.

Alex Pereira, the cousin of Jean Charles de Menezes said, "Yet again, we the family have to rely on the Press as we have been treated as if we do not matter by the police. They never tell us anything. We have not been allowed to look at the IPCC report. I am not at all surprised by these revelations in the report. We have known all along that the police were lying."

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair, who only last week created yet another stir for no discernible reason at all by expressing his wonderment at why anyone might care about the kidnap and murder of two young girls, claimed that he didn't know the wrong man had been shot on July 22nd until 24 hours after the event. This is despite having attempted to delay the start of the IPCC inquiry with a letter to the Home Office that was curiously dated July 21st, the day before de Menezes was shot, the day of the 'attack on London' when the 'bombers' carried no bombs.

Through his quick thinking and actions Ian Blair managed to delay the start of the IPCC investigation into the murder of an innocent man until some six days after de Menezes was executed. In this time the IPCC's access to crucial evidence such as CCTV, event logs, radio communications recordings and eye witnesses, such as they may all have been, was prevented.

The de Menezes family is demanding to see a copy of the full IPCC report and that the report be made public. There are also renewed calls for a public inquiry into the killing as the latest leaked information hints at quite why there might be a vested interest in ensuring that little else from this report makes it into the public domain.

The initial doubts over the usefulness of an IPCC inquiry haven't gone away and the latest revelations show, yet again, quite why an independent public inquiry into the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes is absolutely essential if any justice is to be had for the innocent man who was killed in increasingly suspicious circumstances by persons hitherto unknown.

As time goes on a clearer picture of what happened that day is building up and as the power battles continue, the question must be asked about the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes: Who is framing who?


Anonymous said...

Still no comments?
An independent enquiry, whitewashed or not, is a must for everyones sakes, as well as, of course, Jean Charles's family.
What looks like lies and cover-ups are not good enough: it's insulting.

Anonymous said...

the police state murdered mr menezes in cold blood just like dr kelly.menezes was a electrician does anybody know where he worked?who was the electrician who spent 2 days fixing cctv on the bus that blew up on 7/7?

Anonymous said...

the police state murdered mr menezes in cold blood just like dr kelly.menezes was a electrician does anybody know where he worked?who was the electrician who spent 2 days fixing cctv on the bus that blew up on 7/7?