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06 January 2006

London 7/7: the Information & the Event Horizon

The event horizon is the boundary of a black hole, the gravity field of a black hole where space-time is so bent that nothing can escape it. Once inside an event horizon the gravitational attraction of the singularity, the black hole, is so strong only that which can generate the required escape velocity, a speed greater than the speed of light, can ever escape, including light itself.

After becoming enveloped by the event horizon, not even the emissions that traced an object's existence will escape the black hole. No record, no information, nothing other than memory of the object remains.

Today is the sixth day of '06 and it is six months to the day since the day before the seventh day of the seventh month of '05, the day the bombs came to London. Upon closer inspection July 7th appears to be some sort of event horizon for information about the day, behind which there exists a big, black hole sucking up space and time and, more importantly, information about what happened.

More and more information is disappearing ever more rapidly into the place where space, time and information are so bent that unless a few more minds start travelling a little quicker than 'drip, drip, drip', nothing and no-one will ever escape the intense gravitational attraction of the singularity ever again and nothing and no-one will be left to prove that anything had previously existed in the first place.

Since the July 7th event horizon countless documentaries have been made, stories have been written, public inquiries have been refused by the government -twice - and while much is known about the aftermath, little is known about what actually happened.

And then something which defies your sense of reason happens....

If you were to find out that the driver of Piccadilly Line train 311 on July 7th - the originally reported blast train - was refused compensation after spending 40 minutes in almost total darkness tending to the injured because, according to the Metropolitan Police, "We have no knowledge of this person having been involved in this incident and therefore will not be processing his claim further", would it concern you?

If you then found out the driver of train 311 had also been interviewed by Metropolitan Police for around three hours, along with his Train Operator passenger in the cab that morning, and still the Metropolitan Police have “no knowledge of this person having been involved in this incident”, would it concern you then?

On July 9th, Transport For London reported the following blast timings and locations:
Explosions were as follows (in succession):

  • Circle line train number 204 heading eastbound from Liverpool Street station to Aldgate station.
  • Circle line train number 216 travelling westbound heading from Edgware Road station to Paddington station.
  • Piccadilly line train number 311 travelling from King's Cross St Pancras to Russell Square southbound.

Note the number of the Piccadilly Line train, 311.

This was later changed to Piccadilly Line train 331, which was confirmed by Transport For London's customer services after an email from an independent researcher:

Thank you for your email dated 5 November.

I can confirm that the Piccadilly train involved on 7 July was the westbound train no 331. The initial reports that we received immediately at the time were incorrect and we updated our records accordingly as soon as we were advised.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Please let me know if you have any further queries or if you need any help in the future.

Yours sincerely

Fola Olafare
Customer Service Centre

Transport for London made a mistake in reporting that Piccadilly Line train 311 was involved in the events of July 7th, corrected the original announcement and then confirmed that it was Piccadilly Line train 331 on which the carnage occurred.

Granting TFL the benefit of the doubt, let's say that they made a mistake and it was indeed train 331 involved in the blasts. So far, so good, train 331 it is.

Except, in the last few days, comments were left on a July 7th related blog by a Train Operator who travelled in the cab along with the driver of Piccadilly Line train number 311 - the original train that was 'corrected' to train 331 – which seemed to indicate that train 311 had indeed been involved in the events of July 7th. The comments by the T/Op passenger have since been removed from the blog on which they were posted and are reproduced here for the information they contain about what happened that day:

Not wishing to denigrate any of the actions of police on the day, not ONE WORD has been said about the driver of Train 311, Tom *****.

I joined Tom's train at Kings Cross, travelling in the cab with him on my way to work as a fellow driver, based at Acton Town. I took the first couple of batches of walking wounded to Russell Square and was probably the first member of staff to meet any colleague at the station.

Tom stayed behind in the first car, doing what we as drivers are paid to do, looking after his train and his passengers on it. He helped some by applying tourniquets and reassuring others. He saw things that even trained police officers found themselves unable to cope with, but most importantly had to face it on his own before help arrived probably 40 minutes later, a scene of utter devastation in almost total darkness.

He has never been mentioned or praised, he has remained dignified and quiet, and has never returned to drive a train.

Recently he applied for some compensation through his union. The response from the Met Police was "We have no knowledge of this person having been involved in this incident and therefore will not be processing his claim further."

Rather odd because Tom and I were interviewed by police for around three hours after the incident.

The press coverage of the other 'heroes' has left him feeling completely empty and devalued. Pity when the the reaction of Police and certain members of station staff are lauded he has been completely forgotten.

Ray Wright,
Train Operator
Acton Town Depot

With these comments it now appears we have a non-existent train - the original Piccadilly Line train, train 311 – which, unsurprisingly for a non-existent train, also has a non-existent driver of whom the Metropolitan Police have no record and who cannot claim any compensation after spending forty minutes in almost total darkness attending to the injured in the aftermath of what happened on his train.

No conspiracy, no speculation, no hypothesis, just a train and a driver – Piccadilly Line train 311, the originally reported train - that, as far as the Metropolitan Police are concerned, do not exist in Sir Ian Blair's 'largest criminal inquiry in English history'.


Anonymous said...

Ant, your blog somtimes appears to be on the edge of that black hole. I was unable to access this blog yesterday. It was inaccessible by it's site name but you could enter it by a link to a certain article from another blog. The other blog could be described as hostile to you. This happened the to many people trying to access your blog from locations all over the globe.

Will the bigger, more-established hosting companies be more willing to play along with this? It might be worth thinking of mirroring to a host with a more public-spirit or getting a good paid host. If nothing else, the more established ones will be quicker to do it since they will have a routine in place through experience.

This suggests that the cover-up - let's call it by it's proper name - is fairly complex. It is concerned with promoting one narrative at the expense of another.

Lets reflect on the situation, try and give it some context. This is somewhat speculative and I do not know the Civil Contingencies legislation in detail.

I do not draw any distinction between the government and the Met because (i)they would have been under the control of Cobra and the Civil Contingencies legislation, and (ii) Ian Blair has shown himself to be very willing to support this government politically (and the appointment of Chief Constables is anyway a political appointment).

Cobra met on 7 July. On the day, Tony Blair was blaming terrorism and the police were more careful. I suspect that Ian Blair and possibly his anti-terror chief were in charge of the police operation at the G8. The police have a strange scheme where they can transfer resources between forces like this. The Met would have most experience in dealing with crowds and demonstrations, and they would have had terrorism concerns about the G8. Would all the Met top nobs have been there leaving Brian Paddick in charge of London? Doesn't it make sense that all the Met's specialist divisions were in Scotland?

Guessing who would be at the Cobra meeting ... Tony and Ian Blair, Home Secretary Charles Clarke, Deputy Prime-Minister Prescott, probably the heads of security services (Blair's crony Scarlet) and the other one. The London Fire Brigade doesn't have as much clout as the police so they may or may not have been represented. I'm pretty certain that the Army and the Bliar don't get on very well so they would not be there. There are also ministers from relevent departments so that would incude the Transport Secretary - is that still Darling?

On the day, I would expect that they would have had no idea what had happened except that a bus had been bombed.

The narrative twists and turns. A story is released which has since turned out to be increasingly implausible and discredited almost on a daily basis. The story twists and turns as it is discredited or proved incorrect. Their policy at the moment is to say nothing because anything except the truth will be disproved. Are they playing for time or are they planning to erase July 7 so that it never existed?

There is a huge problem here for the government / state. The lie involves blaming Islamic terrorists and has resulted in what might be called copycat terrorism and the brutal death of an innocent victim. Remember that there were huge attempts to blame that death on "the terrorists". But if there were no suicide bombers, then there were no suicide bombers to kill ... If there are no Islamic terrorists, then why are we slaughting thousands in Iraq?

It is incredibly important for them that the truth does not come out hence their huge efforts at censorship. This has all sorts of implications.

I suspect that we are still under Civil Contingencies Act control - we are still getting be afraid bullshit from Ian Bliar after all.

The Antagonist said...

So forget D-Notices and the OSA because, when the shit hits the fan, this is how bad it really is - all because Lord Bassam of Brighton says it's OK.

RE: Civil Contingencies Bill - Section 22, Paragraph 3, Clause (c)

Last time I checked, 'human life' fell into the category of 'animal life', so draw your own conclusions.

Thanks for the comment, your notions would seem to support this and this and this and especially this [PDF].

Anonymous said...

How do you know this story's true in the first place?
Another red herring?

Anonymous said...

how do you know this whole story's true?

The Antagonist said...

How do we know this is true? By the same token, how do we know any of it is true?

With specific regard to your question about the missing train, train 311 and its driver, Gary Stevens, duty manager of Russell Square, said:

"It's a day I'll never forget. It will go to the grave with me. It won't ever go away.

On the seventh of July I should have started at 9 O'Clock. I woke early, I couldn't sleep and decided to come into work early.

At 8.54 all the lights flickered in the office. We were looking down the platform and we saw a light in the westbound tunnel.

The driver of train 311 and about 30 customers, some of them seriously injured, had got out of the train themselves when the bomb had gone off, and we helped them up.

I asked the driver, I said: "What's happened?" And he didn't say it was a bomb, he just said: "Something terrible's happened, I don't know what, but something terrible's happened.

I jumped down on to the track and made my way along the tunnel. The smoke and the dust began got thicker and thicker and I couldn't see beyond my hand at one point. It wasn't until I got to the train and see a young lad who'd had his leg blown off that it dawned on me then it was a bomb.

I got into the first car and spoke to quite a few of the injured and it's a sight that I'll never ever forget for the rest of my life.

I spent 40 minutes down there on my own before the fire brigade got there and it was the longest 40 minutes of my life, it seemed like four months.

If we view this information in the context of what Ray Wright told us about his experience and the experience of the train driver, Tom, whose cab Ray Wright rode in that morning, we can surmise that Gary Stevens did not see the driver of train 311 emerge from the tunnel at Rusell Square but instead Ray Wright with who "took the first couple of batches of walking wounded to Russell Square and was probably the first member of staff to meet any colleague at the station."

Both Ray Wright and Gary Stevens confirm the notion of spending 40 minutes underground tending to the injured and, if the word of London underground workers is anything to go by, it very much looks like a fifth suicide bomber is required.

Rachel said...

No it doesn't.

One police officer made a mistake and couldn't find Tom as the driver of the train 311 despite them haviong 2 statements. Anyone who survioved 7/7 knows that there have been endless examples of bureacratic cock ups. I and other survivors for example have been left off the list of survivors despite repeatedly registering. CICA are quite crap. The police have got a bit muddled at times. The 7th July assistance centre deleted the survivor details by mistake , through incompetence, though they have improved a but since this nadir. I had to chase and chase to get KCU tickets for the Nov 1st memorial serivce. It has all been a bit of an incompetent mess frankly, which is not that surprising with an enquiry this size but still deeply frustrating. But you can relax. Tom is entitled to compensation, he's also getting a London Underground Gold Award as are the other drivers, for their heroism. He has the full support of his union and Tfl. He is about to return to work though not driving a train. He does NOT want his surname out which is why I had to delete Ray's post about him, made at 3.40am on my blog.

Tom is officially known to be the driver of 311, Ray having travelled by his side,

Ray led out the walking wounded and Tom tended the injured in carriage one of 311 where the bomb was,

Gary ran to rescue us as did David from Rusell Sq ( LU staff) and these men also gave first aid and carried out injured to Russell Square.

The LTP police officers Steve and Gerard entered the tunnel from Kings X to evacuate the passengers, soem of whom were evacualted down the eastbound track once it was free of trains and the network was shut down. The dead and injured were in my carriage, carriage one. Everyone in KCU, all of us can join the dots - there was only one bombed Piccadilly line train. New people join and recognise fellow passengers from what was said on their carriage. There have been no-one who has joined who thinks they were on a seperate train. The more people join, the more it is possible to picture of exactly went on in every single carriage. It is just not somethign that can be faked or mistaken.

All of this relates to 311, there was no other bombed train. (The rumbling noises that scared the passengers of coach 5 and 6 was the Northern line heard through a gap in the tunnel wall as it passed train 311, stuck in the tunnel, by the way. They thought it was another train approaching. But there was no room - Kings X was only a short walk back, Russell sq was further.).

How do I know this? Because I was there on the day as you know - but mainly because I spent Saturday with Tom, Ray, Steve, Gerard and the staff of Russell Square as well as 40 of my fellow passengers. Why? We had a ceremony to remember our dead and injured fellow passengers 6 months on.Some came only to the ceremony of remebrance, others to the pub later. So I talked to them about the various conspiracy theories doing the rounds. They were pretty offended when I told them.

Now then. If you claim to be interested in events i expect these words from a survivor and member of KCU will be of interest to you: so please note them - there is no 5th suicide bomber, there is no 5th train.

You don't half make mountains out of molehills; not everything is a conspiracy you know. Sometimes - usually - it is just officals being a bit rubbish. Which is why we set up Kings Cross United and support for ourselves; if we had waited to get official help we'd never have got anywhere, as it is , there's now over 80 in the group including many fo the staff there on the day.

How incredibly annoying for the conspiracy theorists this must be. Well, too bad, Mitchell one of the group has made it plain how irritating and distressing your speculations can be for survivors. So has Holly. I do wish you would all calm down and stop inventing wild theories about nothing.And in this case i am mopre than happy to set you straight.

The Antagonist said...

A response from TFL about Piccadilly Line train numbers 311 and 331:

Our ref: 1084546


Thanks for your further email.

As stated in my previous email, the Piccadilly train involved on 7 July was the westbound train no 331. The initial reports that we received immediately at the time were incorrect and have now been subsequently updated.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Please get in touch if I can be of any further help.

Yours sincerely

Fola Olafare
Customer Service Centre

How incredibly annoying for the liars this must be.

Rachel said...

I have had enough of you inferring that I am a liar.

I am not. You , on the other hand are spreading lies about there being no bombs. Which you have still not retracted. You are still claiming the bus never exploded , it was actors and stuntmen, a disgraceful insult to those injured and dead.

The Antagonist said...

Which Piccadilly Line train number did TFL advise was involved on July 7th?