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07 February 2006

Propaganda: It's only subliminal if you don't notice it

It was always going to be fairly unlikely that The Antagonist would let the seven month anniversary of the horrific events in London on the seventh day of the seventh month of 2005 (curiously, in numerology terms, also a seven (5 + 2 = 7)) pass without comment, but it very nearly happened. Only very nearly though, for seven months ago today was July 7th 2005, 7/7, the day when seven (7) explosions on London's transport system were reported and in which 52 (seven) were killed and 700 (seven) were injured, and understanding precisely what happened that day is becoming increasingly more important.

In the run up to the seven month anniversary of these events a number of seemingly unrelated but rather interesting things have happened.

First up there's the re-publication by an organ (the same organ that refused to run drawings lampooning Jesus H. Christ in April 2003) in Denmark (staunch U.S. supporters in Iraq) of some 'cartoons' that have, somewhat unsurprisingly given their content, upset the Muslim world for the various implicit suggestions contained there-in about the nature and essence of Islam. 'Re-publication', of course, being the operative word as the 'cartoons' were first published last September but nobody much saw fit to care back then.

The touchpaper was lit, all that was left to do was stand back and watch, even in London.

Notice the interesting backdrop to the 'protest'. Below is the same young man before he entered stage left, complete with much the same 'protest' backdrop.

Turns out this is none other than Omar Khayam, 22, of Bedford and he's a convicted crack dealer who was jailed in 2002 and released on licence last year, giving him plenty of time to rehearse his suicide bomber role as shown above and having served half his sentence. Khyam was allowed to stand behind the police van in full apparel, waiting for his cue, and then carry out his 'protest' with the protection of a police van behind him. At no stage in proceedings did the police interfere with his 'protest' and, just as quickly as he appeared, Omar Khyam has been removed from circulation slung back in jail to finish his sentence, but not before being allowed to publicly refuse to apologise and then publicly apologise for his actions.

Seven months on from seven-seven and Abu Hamza Al Masri is convicted of incitment to racial hatred and given a seven (yes, that number again) year term shortly after the BNP's Nick Griffin isn't convicted for anything at all and a hardcore bunch of around 20 Al Guraba 'hardcore' Islamic fundamentalists waving the same bunch of placards appear to have turned up for several days of 'protests' in London from which real Muslims have actively walked away.

Getting the picture yet?

But that's not all. The cream of the crop must be this little gem, aired by the BBC as part of last night's Newsnight coverage of the republication of the 'cartoons', the backlash against them and the bizarre appearance of the only Islamic-fundamentalist convicted of crack-dealing that The Antagonist has ever heard of.

The images below are exactly as captured from the Newsnight report last night which includes subtitles to ensure everyone gets the full six-sense propaganda experience. The voice-over rolls with: "Despite placards threatening death to those who oppose their views, when the driver of a van stopped to angrily criticise the demonstrators, a policeman took a hardline stance. "

The first words of the policeman to white-van man as the camera makes its way to the scene are, "Listen to me, listen to me. They have a right to protest, you let them do it...."

The rest of the dialog beggars belief.


eeore said...

I'm not sure I do get your point....

This is christoffer ziegler's website, http://www.zieler.dk/, and try though i might I cannot find the christ cartoons. And the cartoons he submitted were unsolicited and because of the nature of the MSM, unsolicited cartoons or journalism are very rarely used.

Though if you are looking for a comparison with the Danish cartoons, I would suggest that you try, http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,1564,1480744,00.html
and the follow up story

And if you had followed the story, the reasons the cartoons came to prominence was because a group of muslim cleric, among whom was Abu Laban, travelled the Arab world in an attempt to internationalise the issue.
I ask you, when was the last time you heard any news from Denmark?
And had they not gone out of the way to bring these, plus the other 3 'fake' cartoons no one would have paid any attention.
After all, there was not this fuss when Mohammed appeared in SouthPark in 2001, a depiction that was seen by far more people than ever would have seen these cartoons.... the newspaper only has a circulation of 150,000.

As for the issue of the crack dealer.... you should come and read the local paper in Bradford.... not that I do, because it is awful.... but I do recall the case of the 'devout' muslim boy found with £20,000 worth of herion found under his mattress.... the parents had no idea what he was up to.... despite his apparently being partial to wearing a T-shirt with the slogan, @I am a drug dealer'.
You'll have to check out the Telegraph and Argus website to find the exact details.... it happened about 18 months ago.

And as I understand it, the BNP case is going to re-trial. And though they said hateful things, they did not as Abu Hamza did, call on those listening, to murder, kill, injure etc.

Plus the group who protested are linked to the same group that have caused numerous disturbances, most notably at London Central Mosque when they shouted down a political meeting....

So if your argument is that this is some vast conspiracy.... well I have to say I disagree.

Not least because the various elements are too unpredictable.

Plus it is rather tasteless to use numerology to make a nonsense point about the death of 52 people.

Anonymous said...

I do get your point.

There is more on the Class A "Suicide Bomber" at http://postmanpatel.blogspot.com/

Stef said...

The first commentator has made some fair points. And I'm one of those people who believes you can 'prove' anything with numerology.


In the space of a week or so we in the UK have been treated to...

- the Nick Griffin/ BNP Hate Trial
- The Abu Hamza hate trial
- the bungled religious hate legislation
- the cartoon story and its aftermath


And let's not forget that the fury over the Danish cartoons was driven, at least in part, by the fact that seven European newspapers reprinted them on the same day whilst maintaining that there was no co-ordinated decision to do so.

The question is not 'do you believe in a vast conspiracy theory' it is which vast conspiracy theory do you buy into?

Within hours of the Hamza verdict we've seen the British media connect Hamza to the 7/7 bombings, talk of secret terrorist training camps here in the UK mainland and talk of terrorist arsenals hidden in mosques. None of these exaggerations and fantasies bear up to much scrutiny.

So, please forgive me and many others for not buying into this insane nonsense and trying to make rational sense of what is really driving the current media and government agenda, particularly given the parallels with the mania that was stoked up prior to the illegal attack on Iraq

The Antagonist said...

I concur that numerology can indeed 'prove' anything. I saw the notion of numerology in relation to July 7th raised in an article called 'Angry Young Men' that implied there might be some significance in the 0850 timings of three of the four simultaneous suicide bombs. No explanation was given regarding the significance of the 0947 explosion time of the fourth simultaneous suicide bomb so perhaps numerology is not all it's cracked up to be.

Eeore said: "Plus the group who protested are linked to the same group that have caused numerous disturbances, most notably at London Central Mosque".

Which, one might think, would be of some relevance as the business of disrupting places of worship is not generally the behaviour of devout, worshipful folk. That the same group appears to be at the forefront of such disruption and outrage must be noted.

The Newsnight footage also appeared to show and refer to the same 20 hardcore Al-Guraba folk touting the same placards, located both in a small pen outside the BBC (a 'protest' which I've not seen reported elsewhere) and in Kensington where the crack-dealing Islamic fundamentalist suicide bomber appeared in time to throw a few shapes in front of a police van before vanishing back off to the prison from whence he came.

Which term of his parole licence did he breach by going to a protest? Does this mean that the precedent has been set and that anyone in the increasingly long list of folk that are getting their collars felt by the ever growing long arm of the law can also be slung in jail for going to a protest? Marginally better than being shot seven times in the head but still not quite the most desirable situation. Remember the carol singers afearing arrest for carol singing in Parliament Square without the permission of the state that is actively legislating against anyone doing anything at all?

The same Newsnight footage from which the stills in this post are taken also showed a person unknown, covered from head to toe in Islamic dress, hastily scribbling out some of the incendiary placards. Perhaps nobody was meant to notice that the signs were being held and written by what appeared to be incredibly pale hands for someone that the footage would have us believe was a traditional Muslim of Asian origin. Maybe a trip to the tanning shop en route to the next demo is in order for the agent provocateurs.

ITV lunchtime news today ran a whole story about how two of the alleged bombers attended Hamza's lectures at the mosque in Finsbury Park, before adding as an afterthought towards the end of the piece that Scotland Yard had no evidence to support any link at all. The story, however, was all about the existence of a link.

Bob Dylan said it best when he said, "Obscenity, who really cares, Propaganda, all is phony."

Stef said...

Not wanting to distract comments from the main thrust of your post...

WTC attacks = 11/9/2001
Madrid Bombings = 11/3/2004

Number of days between them = 911

Conclusion = So what?

Even if there is some non coincidental significance to that little quirk, chasing after it takes people nowhere and opens them up to criticism. Personally, I file stuff like that in my mental 'notes and queries' section and leave it be.

Anonymous said...

Info on the gatecrashers is at http://www.blogistan.co.uk/blog/mt.php

The Antagonist said...

Three days in and not a single comment on the unusual dialogue sequence betwixt policeman and white van man....

Anonymous said...


Plod was obviuosly under orders to allow the protest go ahead & not take any action to stir things up. the protestors were given free reign & free placards from a 'veiled'(unidentifiable) woman'. (Note the handwriting is the same in almost all the placards I have seen).

Maybe even the white van man was in on it as well?! Who knows?? The whole thing reeks of an enactment of pre-conceived arrangements, including the ensuing stirring up of a big Hoo Ha in the mainstraem media.

Rachel said...

I do think 8.50am was deliberately chosen as a time BY THE BOMBERS. If 4 of you decide to blow yourselves up you will choose a time significant to you, n'est pas? I mentioned in 'Angry Young Men' an interesting discovery Chapter 8 vs 50 of the Qu'ran. The 4th bomber as we all understand was meant to be on the Northern line; he seems to have fucked up, due to not being able to get on the planned train, so he got a bus, & let the bomb off later than planned. Compris?

I reiterate, this is the bombers attaching significance to the time, not me.

However, you do love your number sevens, don't you? .

So hey, let's indulge you! here's some more number sevens... I have seven goldfish - my boyfriend was born on May 7th - I was c. 7 feet from the bomb - I got engaged seven months after 7/7 having been in the relationship for exactly 7 years - at one point there were 77 people in Kings Cross United - yada yada. I even smoked 7 cigarettes today - and there are SEVEN LEFT IN THE PACK! Ooooh, conspiracy!

Oh I forgot, I'm supposed to be a secret Government COINTELPRO agent, not a bomb survivor. Whooopsie!

Rachel said...

oh, and what eeore said

The Antagonist said...

I've never had much time for donkeys.

Sinc: Stef did a very clever thing and provided some background information about other recent well staged demonstrations that make the cop/white van man bit of street theatre look like a very meagre effort indeed.

Anonymous said...

I think you are spot on.

Even Daily Telegraph page 1 (6th Feb 2006) notes One of three veiled women - or at least people who appeared to be women - was seen writing placards and distributing them. Most were held by men who had also hidden their identity.

No arrests? Perhaps the police were better informed than their Iraqi counterparts; see http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2005-09/19/content_3514065.htm.

Bridget said...

Whether white van man is staged or not, the fact that the police allowed it to be filmed without the usual 'move along, nothing to see here' and that Newsnight saw fit to transcribe the piece is what is interesting.
"They can say what they like and I can't?" followed by "freedom of speech?" plays straight into the hands of the BNP, whose suited thug, Nick Griffin, appeared oh-so respectable in his interview shortly after this piece was shown.
Since when did we have to listen to fascists like the BNP commenting on Newsnight?
Goebbels would be very proud of this latest piece from the ever-increasing propoganda machine that is the BBC.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of 9/11 with the amateur filmmaker and mates just happening to be in the right(wrong?) place at the time, where they were able to filum a plane going into one of the towers.

Anonymous said...

you never know about the significance of numbers (or why they might dupe you into spending all your time making them significant)
It's wikipedia incase the link does'nt work.
Seven is considered to be a spiritual number because it is illusive and contains veils which must first be uncovered, one after another, before illumination will ultimately be found. Seven is said to be sacred, and this is evidenced by the fact that there are seven days in the week, ancient texts such as Genesis propose that the earth was formed in seven phases, the ancient solar system consisted of seven luminaries, human body consists of seven plexuses or chakras and some versions of the Kabbalah have seven sephiroth. While seven possesses qualities of dreaminess, spirituality and psychic awareness, negatively it can be dubious, deceptive and insincere.

Anonymous said...

Well I think the Metropolitan Police Force have come under enough attack recently recently and think it is high time people were MUCH more understanding of the pressure they have been under. The poor policeman in the pictures was trying his best to do a hard demanding job that I for one would not like to have to do, and the van driver was just looking for someone to talk to.(Iwondered if he was maybe gay and fancied him???)
The policeman could of been a bit politer, but he was under great stress not to cause any more unrest.
I think the person who said the numbers are significant is very silly, I mean I could say
-2+ ? = 7
The answer is 9. 9 again.
And then 9-2=7
so if you ignore the first answer(-2) the next 2 answers are 7 and 7. It is well known that anybody can say anything on Wikipaedia so I would advocate not listening to it.


my notes

Anonymous said...


With hindsight the protest/fake suicide bomber was a fake.

Without hindsight the protest/fake suicide bomber was real.

Looking at the pictures in your blog ... does anyone really think that the police would behave as they did if they thought he was a real suicide bomber?

If not, how did they know that he was a protest/fake suicide bomber? Isn't the obvious answer: collusion?

The Antagonist said...

With hindsight the protest/fake suicide bomber was a fake.

Without hindsight the protest/fake suicide bomber was real.

Maybe the next stage of human evolution is when hindsight is no longer required and such staged and manufactured events are seen immediately for what they are when they occur.

Even the most minor organisations utilise well documented marketing tricks and techniques, why does anyone think the largest and most powerful organisations, states and governments, would be any different?

While we're on the subject, it's also high time the meaningless words, 'Marketing' and 'Advertising' were replaced by their original and proper name, 'Propaganda'.

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power." -- Edward Bernays, Propaganda

Anonymous said...

You don't have to create propaganda, just be selective, by allowing some wankers to carry some placards the job is done by itself. But hey, EVERYTHING is a conspiracy to you guys. Just what is your IQ? 7?

Politicians are lazy oiks, they wouldn't get their hands dirty when they can let the course of events run by itself. End of!

Anonymous said...

I disagree that all politicians are lazy oiks, but it is lazy to gloss them all as 'lazy'.
I think many well intentioned people go into politics and probably do do their best to acheive what they wish to acheive.
However, the conflicting demands of satisfying their constituents wishes, their own, and the party's 'goals' has to be at times a difficult balancing act, not to mention the doubtless frustrating awareness that they're being patronised with spin from their own party. They've all the time got to respond to the opposition's challenges, so The vehicle required to meet these demands is an all purpose dialect, a get out ofjail free lingo: Can't be easy.
A course of events is not always something that just happens by itself: people have the power to intervene as and when to create or alter a course.
'Conspiracy': a belief that there's more to things than meets the eye, call it whatever suits you.
Personally I'd forget about IQs, mine improves with practice.People who dwell on IQs are people who have a need to feel superior.
Sorry, this is all very disjointed, and not particulary or obviously relevant to 7/7, but anyway you too get my drift :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I didn't mean they are lazy, but if you know an organised extremist group is coming to London to protest, it's much easier to sit back and watch things unfold. And not intervene, maybe lift one arm to inform the press. They didn't need to do anymore.

You seem to suggest this was all a set up, there are enough daft eejits out there to do their propaganda work for them.

I dont give a stuff about IQs, so heres another suggestion, maybe the bombers were in a school play once. You've guessed it... Snow White! :D

stop it....please... you're cracking me up!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they - politicians - didn't know an 'organised group' was going to protest: I wouldn't be surprised if most politicians were the last to know.
Maybe people were in 'Snow White': so what?
I honestly don't know what's making you crack up, but you're not an egg presumably, so you're in control of your cracking-upness to a large extent.

Anonymous said...

so what? they were one of the 7 dwarves, get it?

*nudges OO in the side*

You can choose almost any numer and find it anywhere, if you look hard enough. And to be frank, if you have time. I do not.


Anonymous said...

If you want the number 7 you can find it everywhere.

7 steps from your street
corner to your front door,

7 seconds
you spend in the elevator

When your mind becomes obsessed you filter everything else out
and find that thing everywhere.

but as soon as you discard scientific rigour,
you are no longer a mathematician, you're a numerologist.

There will be no order,
only chaos.


The Antagonist said...

Then the Forest Gate shooting occurs.

From a Daily Mail story about the shooting:

When this photograph of a man dressed up as a suicide bomber was published around the world, it caused widespread disgust.

But today it has taken on a more significant meaning, for the man on the left is an older brother of the suspects arrested during last Friday's controversial terror raid in East London.

Mohammed Abdullah Hasnath was pictured standing next to Omar Khayam, who was dressed as a suicide bomber at a demonstration in London in February against the publication of satirised cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed.

Full story....