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17 August 2006

New Labour - New Labour Camps

For those that are still wondering what the point of the air terror plot of the 'terrorists' with no aeroplane tickets and no passports was, the Sun explains it all today:

"CAMPS are the answer to our overcrowded prisons"

It goes on:

"The Sun today calls for disused army camps to be turned into jails to solve the UK'S prison crisis."

Sure enough, Rupert's Rag names a big long list of empty army camps, complete with the odd prison ship, presumably because the soldiers that once inhabited these locations have all died in the service of those that would throw the rest of us into camps, all ready to roll. Of course, this is nothing new on the New Labour Camp known as Prison Ship Britain.

DRAKELOW TUNNELS, WORCS: This 53-acre underground complex at Wolverley, near Kidderminster, is privately owned. There were plans for it to be a job training centre.

RAF NEATISHEAD, NORFOLK: The 40-acre former radar station, due to be sold by the MoD by the end of March 2007, was once set to be turned into a worm farm.

RAF LOCKING, SOMERSET: The 200-acre former Weston-super-Mare training school was closed in 1998 and still no decisions have been made about its future.

RAF COLTISHALL, NORFOLK: The 750-acre base will not close completely until later this year. But operational flying has ended after 66 years, draining £20million from the local economy.

HMS DAEDALUS, LEE-ON-SOLENT: The 483-acre Royal Naval Air Station contains a million square feet of buildings, some currently used by coastguards and police.

RAF ST MAWGAN, CORNWALL: The 840-acre airfield near Newquay was doomed when it was overlooked in 2005 as a future base for the Joint Combat Aircraft.

CULTYBRAGGAN CAMP, PERTHSHIRE: The 64-acre base is a former prisoner of war camp and SAS training centre. Its 1940s Nissen huts were in use until 2004.

RAF WEST RAYHAM, NORFOLK: The 684-acre site, which closed a decade ago, was recently acquired by a consortium in a multi-million pound deal, but no plans have been submitted.

RAF THROCKMORTON, WORCS: The 150-acre former airfield, which was owned by the MoD, was considered for use as an asylum seekers’ centre during 2002. It is still derelict.

RAF NEWTON, NOTTS: The Government failed to get permission to use this 560-acre site for an accommodation centre for asylum-seekers.

RAF SEALAND, FLINTSHIRE: The 400-acre base, a civil airfield until taken over in 1916, closed amid defence cost-cutting in 2004.

RAF BICESTER, OXON: The 580-acre site was the only one of four ex-bases given the go-ahead as a centre for asylum-seekers in 2004. Some £24million was spent on it until plans changed.

RAF YATESBURY, WILTS: The former home of a Radar and Wireless training school in Marlborough has lain derelict for more than 40 years.

CONNAUGHT BARRACKS, KENT: The last 85 soldiers left the 80 acre-site in April. The Parachute Regiment’s departure ended 1,000 years of Dover being a stronghold protecting Britain from invasion.

BROUGHTON MOOR, CUMBRIA: The vast 1,740-acre site was earmarked in 2004 as the venue for the UK’s first endurance sports village. But the £80million scheme has stalled.

RAF HULLAVINGTON, WILTS: This vast Chippenham site has not been fully operational since 1965 and is now only partly used by the Army for glider training.

Elsewhere in the Sun, brown-skinned Muslims appear as eager as the Jews of Nazi Germany were to queue up for racial profiling and be thrown into Labour Camps, for their own good, of course:

LILU is 33, prays five times a day and loves Britain. But the father of three, who works for The Sun as an editorial assistant, says he has never met any extremists preaching jihad in Britain’s mosques. He says:

I don’t have a problem with profiling. I have never been stopped and searched by the police and I have never been stopped at an airport. I try to avoid trouble. But if they had a policy of extra searches on some Muslims I wouldn’t worry because I don’t have anything to hide.

Lilu, who goes by the nickname Naz, was born in Bangladesh and moved to England when he was eight. He lives in Southend, Essex, and is a Liverpool and England footie fan.

It looks like Lilu's job with the myopic Murdoch Media Empire is safe for at least another few weeks.

All together now, "Arbeit Macht Frei!"

PS: Sign the July 7th RELEASE THE EVIDENCE Petition today and guarantee your place in one of New Labour's New Labour Camps.

UPDATE: raincoaster gets into trouble with photobucket for having designed posted a copy of a flag that fits all the news (see comments for info), as featured in the film everyone should see before the book and film banning and burning starts. Click here for a 'V' trailer and a bit of historical context.


Anonymous said...

I'm honoured, but in fact I stole the flag from the Wikipedia entry for V for Vendetta, the film, not the graphic novel. That's the basis of my appeal to Photobucket; that the image is social criticism, not an incitement to hatred, and that it is in Wikipedia.

I have repeatedly contacted Photobucket, and all they will say is the image "violated TOS" but they will not tell me which term of service it violated. Now they're actually threatening to take down ALL my images. Since they've already removed all those that "violate TOS" such removal would be against their own policies. But I don't put it past them, so I'm going to be saving all my images from the cache before visiting them again.

The Antagonist said...

Thanks for the info. Story updated accordingly and I'd be interested to know how the Photobucket thing pans out.

Along similar lines, I was going to post a link to the Raelian's Wikipedia entry where, until very recently, a copy of the original Raelian logo was proudly emblazoned on the right hand side of the page, except it seems to have disappeared.

The original Raelian logo just happened to be a six pointed star incorporating a swastika, rather like this, which could be said to symbolise and link to this bit of history here.

Bridget said...

Not unsimilar to the FEMA camps in the US which are ready to go.

'We are dangerously close to a situation where ~ if the American people took to the streets in righteous indignation or if there were another 9/11 ~ a mechanism for martial law could be quickly implemented and carried out under REX 84."

Righteous indignation? Perhaps the truth emerging over who was really behind 9/11 for example?

global research

The Antagonist said...

More on flag waving from the Conspiraloon ™ Alliance.