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17 May 2007

Brown-NWOsing the Confederation of British Industry

On 15th May 2007 the democratically elected default new President Minister of United KKKingdom PLC, Gordon Brown, gave a speech to the Confederation of British Industry in which he said nothing that had any meaning in the conventional sense of the word.

What he did do however was send a small pernicious and incestuous bunch of criminals a not-very-subtle message of, "Don't worry now that Blair's gone folks, I pledge to serve the same masters."

You can watch Gordon Brown's speech brought to the CBI by hardly more than the three words, "New", "World", and "Order".

Gordon's come a long way since his student days when he penned, "How to scrounge off the State", which included such long-forgotten gems as:

"If you're British and can give an address, free money is available from social security, basic £5.80 per week. Social and medical benefits are your right, not charity hand-outs, so never be reticent about claiming them. For whatever the reason the so-called welfare State was brought into being, it can and must be used to its full extent."

Keep your eyes peeled for Gordon's new book, "How to fuck the British working classes and get handsomely rewarded for it."

Gordon "Watch my left hand and don't ask what the right's doing" Brown


Stef said...

The comment section on your previous post about missing children seems to be closed.

Which is a shame as I wanted to post a link to a recent article in Times Online...


"Would an implanted chip help keep my child safe?"

How our rulers love kiddy fiddlers and abductors

Or is that kiddy fiddling and abduction?

Probably both...

The Antagonist said...

Eff it! Not sure how the comment thing got turned off but it's fixed now. Feel free to post away.

I wonder if there's any connection between your comment about our rulers and Gordon's right hand....

Stef said...

Very possibly

BTW I like your revised spelling of Gordon's surname and I have decided to steal it

The Antagonist said...

Gordon BrNWO? Or the slightly extended Gordon Brown-NWOsing?

Take your pick, help yourself to either or both, and so it shall be from here on.

Huzzah for such plain speaking!

Andrew said...

Brown another of Satan's little helpers. Though I did have a sense there might in Blair have been a glimmer of a conscience uneasy with itself, though I wouldn't go to war on that idea. I don't detect the slightest hint of any such glimmer with Gordon Brownshirt.

Anonymous said...

Hi mate, I have a lovely film of Gord for you if u want it? lemme know


The Antagonist said...

Nothing to do with Gordon Brown, a rocking horse and a nappy, is it?

That really would be a find....