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24 December 2007

BBC Pre Christmas Specials

Stop press: BBC does something vaguely useful for a change documenting, in part, the bullying, threats and intimidation tactics used against the Black Irish Muslim community by MI5/MI6 and exposes the fraudulent 'research' of Reich Right Wing Stink Think Tanks.

First up, Newsnight on Policy Exchange and the widely-touted allegations about 'extremist' literature in Mosques based on the latest, highly scientific, bleeding-edge Policy Exchange research techniques that go a little something like this:
  1. Decide the results and conclusions of the 'investigation'

  2. Fabricate token items of evidence to make it appear as if some research has been done

  3. Wax lyrical about the 'research', results and conclusions and hope that nobody thinks to check the evidence

In the case of Policy Exchange, Newsnight checked the evidence and scuppered PE's pernicious plans.

Newsnight Policy Exchange Exposé Part 1/3

Newsnight Policy Exchange Exposé Part 2/3

Newsnight Policy Exchange Exposé Part 3/3

Osama Saeed noted:
Edinburgh Central Mosque was one of those fingered by the [Policy Exchange] report. I said at the time that the mosque had no idea how this literature was supposed to be on their premises. A strange thing then happened a week or two later. A stash of the pamphlets in question were dropped just inside the doorway to the mosque. No one has any idea how they appeared there, as certainly none of the mosque authorities ordered them. Someone clearly outside dumped them, and they are currently investigating who that could be. Unfortunately, BBC Scotland, including Newsnight Scotland, did report Policy Exchange's "findings".

People at the mosque were smelling a rat at the time, and that will now just intensify in the light of the Newsnight report.
Pamphlets that magically appear inside Mosques to support far-right propaganda masquerading as research leads nicely on to Radio 4's recent broadcast about some of the tactics employed by the 'intelligence' services MI5 and MI6 in their efforts to manufacture from Muslims the same sort of thing they had a heavy hand in manufacturing during the Irish 'troubles', just as the 'only' suspect in the Omagh bomb attack, Sean Hoey, was cleared of all 56 charges -- including the murders of 29 people:
Recruiting Muslim Spies
First aired: Tuesday 18 December 2007 20:00-20:40 (Radio 4 FM)
Repeated: Sunday 23 December 2007 17:00-17:40 (Radio 4 FM)

Since the advent of home-grown Islamist terrorism, Britain's intelligence services have urgently sought better information from within the UK's Muslim communities. But, as reporter Tazeen Ahmad finds out, their attempts to recruit informants are alienating many young British Muslims who say the tactics are making it more difficult to obtain the information the intelligence services seek.

Listen again to this programme
When you're done watching and listening to that little lot, you might want to cast your eyes over the latest report from the perversely named Centre for Social Cohesion, "Hate on the State: How British libraries encourage Islamic extremism". Not.


Shahid said...

Once again an excellent piece of writing.

What concerns me is that we have made "extremist" a dirty word. Murder is bad. Assassination is bad. War is bad. Terrorism is bad. Many of these activities are carried out by the State.

Extremism is not bad. If I have an extreme opinion on a subject, that might make me an "extremist" in someone's eyes, but it wouldn't make me a murderer.

I will list a few "extremists" for you now.

Copernicus: He was the first scientist to posit a view that the earth went around the sun, and not the other way around. For this "extremism", his work, whilst admired during his lifetime, was subsequently banned by the Catholic church as heretical.

Einstein: Although he got his Nobel Prize for his work on the photoelectric effect, his General Theory of Relativity was extreme in its radical reinterpretation of the force of gravity as just a warp in the fabric of space itself.

Gandhi: This radical extremist was so bloody extreme that he preached non violence.

Jesus: This extremist knocked over the Jewish money-lenders' tables and his extreme views on "loving thy neighbour" caused the Jews to call for his crucifixion.

Nelson Mandela: Who said "Maggie Thatcher"?

if extremism is wiped out, humanity will be too. Extremists - and only extremists, come out with the ideas that shape our world and reinterpret it in magical and defining ways.

Anonymous said...

I'm a wee bit late on this one but nevermind.

Glad the shetty fascists have been exposed, but really Newsnight should be doing this in and out. The prime role of a Journalist is to question 'power' not simply megaphone it.

Pumping out 99% govt BS isn't worthy of redemption by the 1% truth it (accidently?, reluctantly?) reports.

Still cred.. oops, sick of credit, DEBIT where DEBIT is due.

P.S. George Galloway discussed this on his 22-12-07 talksport program inc. with Seamus Milne dep. editor of the Guardian.
URL direct to mp3 for those interested.
http://tinyurl.com/36j2zd (42.068Mb) c/o http://www.spiderednews.com/

Anonymous said...

More on Dean Godson & his family background in cold war covert action methods whose use he advocates today, here.

The Antagonist said...

Thanks for the link to the additional information. What a lovely bunch of talking heads the Red, White and Blue media foists upon us all.

For anyone looking for some of the precious few UK blogs worth reading in among all the self aggrandising garbage, the author of the above linked article, Tom Griffin, writes a regularly excellent blog at The Green Ribbon.