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25 March 2009

If you suspect it, report it

The "It" referred to in the title of this post is, of course, bullsh-it.

Recent political power surges have ensured the appointment of Josef Goebbels as minister for news and propaganda from beyond the grave. Residents of prison ship Britain wake to find themselves living simultaneously in the maelstroms of the occupied territories of Iraq, the occupied territories of Afghanistan and the occupied territories of Palestine, all without the hassle of having to sell their homes in challenging economic times.
Government warns of nuclear terror threat - Telegraph.co.uk

New anti-terror strategy warns of chemical attack threat - guardian.co.uk

Fanatics 'could use roadside bombs to kill VIPs in Britain'
- Daily Mail

Terror attack on UK highly likely, says Home Office - Scotsman

UK citizens encouraged to confront terror threat
- The Herald

'Workers army' trained for counter-terror force - Times Online
All this marks the launch of the long time in the making Contest 2 'anti-terror' strategy of the government, as widely publicised by the housing benefit thief Home Secretary, J'Accuse Smith (no relation to housing benefit thief Employment Minister Tony McNulty).

The publication of the report coincides with a new police campaign to urge Londoners (and nobody else?) to report 'suspicious activity'. Gordon BrNWO was banging on about it in last week's Sunday Observer. For his efforts, as if he wrote the article in question, BrNWO received a good and entirely justified verbal kicking right until the bitter end.

Goebbels' new campaign to reinstate blockleiters comes with a few simple posters issued by the simple police as the cross media marketers are only too aware that people busy losing their homes, savings, pensions, cars and just about everything else they've ever worked for, with no end in sight, probably don't have the time to read lengthy government reports designed to distract from the misery of the material reality of their existences.

One of the posters looks a little something like this, only slightly different (click for larger image):

What the government hasn't [sic] failed to notice in its haste to train 60,000 people to recognise what the ruling classes like to think of as terrorists -- through the use of posters featuring Aryan folk in the foreground, complete with Aryan babies, while a couple of lesser, darker-skinned human beings mill about in the background because, despite everything, they must appear to matter too -- is that the 60 million residents of the UK already learned to recognise terrorists and terrorist activity when they see them.

Handy clues like the mass-murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people is simultaneously a bit of a giveaway and a clincher and it will stand up in an International Criminal Court of law a bit better than black pepper, hair dye and chemical impossibilities, so pretending that hairdressers and chefs and "hardcore antagonists" are terrorists just isn't going to wash any more.

Bullshit - If you suspect it, report it.


The Antagonist said...

Speaking of bullshit, the Daily Heil steps up to the plate with a tale of a couple of teenagers allegedly preparing to commemorate something they probably don't even remember.

Thanks to ConspiraPaul for the pointer.

Anonymous said...

Here's some more BS, from guess who....

Why it's the BBC and the British Home Monstor JaKKKi Sniff.

Who'd have thought huh?

Never mind the dirty bomb lobbox has been dismissed on the past, what is it... Three(?) times.


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Threat of dirty bombs 'increased'

P.S. I still can't forget this mother of all BBC prestitute lies...

Saddams Bomb...
Friday, 2 March, 2001, 23:52 GMT

Anonymous said...

Re: would be 'Bowling for Tameside' stars...

"The older boy is also charged with possessing child pornography."
Wonder if these charges will be Deja vu like, be dropped because the technical expertise to have put those images on the guys computer is beyond the skills of those said boys.


Child porn. Don't ya just love it?

DE said...

I've blogged with similar intent.

The Antagonist said...

DE - nice blog, now added to Companeros.

The Antagonist said...

The multi-pronged fear generator rolls on.

The Antagonist said...

Thursday Thought - Brought to you by the Conspiraloon™ Alliance

The Antagonist said...

Context is everything, but it doesn't make for Daily Heil headlines.

Trading Nude Photos Via Mobile Phone Now Part of Teen Dating, Experts say

Teen Dating '08: Nude Pix On Cell Phones - Police Say Swapping X-Rated Photos To Flirt Common Among Teens

Teens threatened with 'sexting' porn charge sue prosecutor - News, Gadgets & Tech - The Independent

If the above news reports are to be believed then any instances of this new fangled dating process -- sexting -- occurring involving teenagers under the age of 18 would technically qualify as instances of "child porn".

How this new dating phenomenon relates to the Daily Heil story is anyone's guess and, in all likelihood, will never be known by anyone not present at the trial.

The Antagonist said...

Magic - everybody's remixing Goebbels - more at BoingBoing.

Anonymous said...

I'm self taught at spotting terrorists with the aid of people who have developed advances conspiraloonitis such as myself, and I boast, I'm pretty damn good at it!

"The terrorists are there" said lwtc247 pointing to the 101 Transilvania Avenue, Capital Hill, and the palace of Westmonster.