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03 March 2009

Reason.... administrivia

Recent Reason.... blog housekeeping notes, predominantly as a historical note to self, although regular readers of Reason... may also be minorly interested. Thus far a general revamping and rejigging of the sidebars has occurred, including:
  • LHS: Shifted Feelers from right to left hand sidebar (RHS -> LHS)

  • LHS: Added Antagonista Reason'd Tweets with link to Twitter updates. Anyone wanting more regular updates than currently appear on Reason.... are directed here. For example:

    Blair War Crimes Foundation: International support for 14 #warcrime charges under International Law http://bit.ly/lqAyC


    "More than 1,500 people, paying £35 a ticket, attended the Convention on Modern Liberty in London!" Dissent, if you can afford it! #coml

  • LHS: Updated Get Antagonised to include new Google-acquired Feedburner email subscription facility and fixed 'in The Guardian' link. Also Added on Channel 4 News.

  • LHS: Added Archivo Antagonista TV with links to posts on Reason where video forms the bulk of the post content. Also fixed embedded video links in posts that had broken over time.

  • LHS: Added a few more quotes to the Words of Wisdom section, including this gem (Thanks Kier!):

    We need to work like the Zapatistas do, like ants who go everywhere no matter which political party the other belongs to. Zapatistas proved people can work together in spite of differences.” - Anna Esther Cecena of the FZLN

  • RHS: Shifted 'Recently Antagonised' recent comments feed up for better/quicker accessibility.

  • RHS: Updated Companeros (links to the handful of blogs actually worth reading) with a few new links.

  • RHS: Added Google FriendConnect Followers widget (keep 'em coming!) for anyone that wants to see the latest updates in their Blogger dashboard.

  • RHS: Profile link shifted to top.

  • RHS: Shifted Antagonista Manifesto to RHS.
That's it for now. More posts (mostly already written) in the pipeline, time and circumstance allowing.


1 comment:

The Antagonist said...

It looks like Athenaeum is back and blogging.

Time to update Companeros again....