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01 September 2005

Lockerbie & Libya - CIA Planted Evidence

Hang on to your hats folks.... remember all that Lockerbie/Libya stuff from a while back? Well it wasn't Libya that did it and all those who said so at the time, and a whole bunch of conspiracy theorists, were right!


Yes, really! So says a retired senior Scottish police chief who testified that the CIA planted the fragment of circuit board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the 1989 mass murder of 270 people.

Does anyone have the energy to muster even a degree of surprise any more?

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND -- (OfficialWire) -- 08/29/05 -- A retired Scottish "police officer has come forward to provide a signed statement corroborating the belief that vital evidence used to convict Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al-Megrahi for mass murder in 2001 was fabricated.


While the identity of the retired officer has not yet been made public, it is known that he was a member of the Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland (ACPOS), and therefore achieved the rank of assistant chief constable at least.

In 2003, a retired CIA officer made a statement to Al-Megrahi's lawyers in which he said evidence against their client had been planted.

It has long been rumored that the key piece of evidence, a fragment of circuit board from a timing device that implicated Libya, had been planted by U.S. agents for political reasons.

In September 2003, the UN Security Council lifted sanctions against Libya, which allowed the release of up to $2.7 billion to the families of the 270 people killed. Libya paid each family $8 million in compensation and was scheduled to pay a further $2 million to each of the victims' families. But because the U.S. State Department refused to remove Libya from a list of states thought to support international terrorism Libyan officials, in April 2005, refused to make the final payment for each family.

Perhaps Libya will now seek to recover the initial $2.1 billion paid since it appears they were fit up for the job. [Baou.com]

Who? What? When? Why? How?

Newly unsealed court papers charge that Tarik A. Hamdi, an Iraqi-born American citizen and a former resident of Herndon, Virginia (a suburb of Washington, DC, and a hotbed of intelligence-connected groups), and a direct and key American contact for Osama bin Laden, is now a member of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in Ankara, Turkey.
Hamdi, former CIA counter-terrorism chief Vince Cannistraro, and Pakistani journalist (and ISI "favorite") Rahimullah Yusufszai were among the few go-betweens with bin Laden who set up interviews with bin Laden for American journalists, such as John Miller (now a Commanding Officer in the Los Angeles Police Department's Counter-Terrorism Bureau). During this period, Cannistraro, Miller and Yusufszai worked for ABC News. Hamdi also had a working relationship with recently deceased ABC anchorman Peter Jennings, who tapped Hamdi as a Middle East expert more than once.

As noted by Chaim Kupferberg, "Cannistraro, a former CIA counterterrorism chief, provided covert aid to the Afghani mujahadeen in the late 80s, as well as supervised CIA operations with the contras.

He was also a point man in the notoriously circumspect investigation at Lockerbie." [OnlineJournal]

Six degrees of separation seem to have been reduced to just three.

The Antagonist wonders what degree of involvement the CIA had in London on 7/7 and during the rest of July. Until we find out, The Antagonist very much hopes that the retired police chief who testified that the CIA planted the Lockerbie evidence isn't partial to walking in the woods.

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