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27 January 2006

Syphilitic Viral Marketing

Syphilitic Viral Marketing: Just like ordinary viral marketing, only this time you know you're really being fucked.

In the event of a major terrorist attack on a day like July 7th - for arguments sake, let's call it 7/7 - when the battle to beat down stories of independently verified facts about train times, train numbers, the movements of the alleged perpetrators, non-existent drivers of non-existent trains - you know, all the sort of niggly little details that matter quite a lot to an investigation into such an incident - what would YOU do to reclaim lost territory in the information battle for hearts and minds?

When all versions of the loosely tied-together 'official' story all fall apart from the very beginning of the narrative and when this information is out there, in the public consciousness, solidifying and polarising opinion and gaining greater and greater support from public figures that include film writers and directors, whistleblowers and those few high profile individuals that have the balls to tackle such things, what else is left in the great war of information suppression?

How would YOU go about increasing the noise surrounding an incident on the day of July 7th to drown out anything that vaguely resembles a signal?

Don something that resembles a thinking cap for a few moments, remember that 7/7 is the event that you now wish to bury in a dirge of unrelated drivel, shit and nonsense and see what clever little ruses you come up with.

If you're extremely wily indeed, one of those ruses might just involve a syphilitic viral marketing technique that revolves around making a whole series of normally quite sensible people waste valuable moments of their existences writing and publishing seven list of seven things that nobody - other than themselves - could ever really care about, before 'tagging' a bunch of other people and making them repeat the same arduous and pointless process.

Seven lists of seven things. 7 lists of 7. 7/7. Ad nauseam.

From here-on in, all references to the events of July 7th, 2005 will be referred to as such, or in the abbreviated forms 'July 7th' or '7th July'.


Numeral said...

US plans to 'fight the net' revealed

By Adam Brookes
BBC Pentagon correspondent

A newly declassified document gives a fascinating glimpse into the US military's plans for "information operations" - from psychological operations, to attacks on hostile computer networks.

Bloggers beware.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, still going on about train times etc etc...

In brief,

a) delays at luton, they got an earlier train which was delayed.

b) train number - TYPO!

c) train driver has now been acknowledged.


Not being funny, but you haven't argued with many of my perfectly sensible explanations for all anomalies, which go against pretty much all your arguments.


The Antagonist said...

a) I suggest you re-read what is written with regard to the Luton-King's Cross Thameslink train times on the day of July 7th and indeed the statements of the police about the alleged journey of the alleged suicide bombers.

b) I suggest you re-read what is written with regard to the Piccadilly Line train numbers.

c) I refer you to answer (b) above.

And, as further damning evidence of an increasingly sizable cover-up in relation to the Mossad-style execution of Jean Charles de Menezes breaks - to the headings of Police 'faked Tube death log' - you might also want to read the Sunday Times article of today which explains how little anyone appears to know about how four young, British men turned from ordinary young British men into alleged suicide bombers.

Anonymous said...

Referring to the 'Bloggers Beware' post from Numeral. Will someone in authority please come out and say if we are not allowed to talk or write about something.
it's a pain not quite knowing if we have freedom of speech or not, (if ones' not inciting hatred? )
This has gone on for long enough and
I would like to know where I and everyone else stands in this matter.
Btw, I think it would be crazy to try and stop people from expressing themselves (unless it is again inciteful to hatred).
How are people who are not lawyers supposed to know what their allowed to say if there is a law against this freedom?
It should be made clear to the public asap.
So, can we say what we like or not?

Anonymous said...

In response to 'Syphilitic Viral Marketing' I'd say this.
It's a load of pants and from experience I can say I know when I'm confused, which is always a start.
As long as you're aware of the fact that things are often outwith your control with regards to what you read or hear, you can still boil things down at the end of the day to what is provable versus what amounts to someone else's words.
'Is' and 'are' can cloud the issue- convincing arguments can win you over to a particular outcome, but that doesn't mean to say that those arguments are based on fact.
Of course, on the other hand they might be perfectly sensible and they may be based on fact, but the facts should be presented, and verifiably so.

Rachel said...

Seven Deadly Sins.
Seven Virtues.
Lucky Seven.
Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
Seven Stars.
Seven Sisters.
Seven Wonders of the World.
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Seven Days of the Week.
Seven Samurai.
Seven Year Itch.


And therefore your ramblings about a blogging meme are completely missing the point?

Maybe the bombers picked 7/7 because of its already-existing snappy connotations as a 'lucky number'in the UK and Europe - possibly also because it was 2 weeks before Bin Ladens' deadline for foreign troop to leave Muslim soil - and 'seven' has a cultural significance that pre-dates 7th July by several hundred years, if not longer...

not everyone looks everywhere and sees 7/7 conspiracies, you know.

But don't let me stop you having fun... or giving us all a laugh!