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23 September 2005

London 7/7: The Dummy Dummy-Run

A couple of quotes via Team 8 Forum and a little more analysis of Peter Power's 7 July statement:
London bombs terror attack

"A week [before 7 July], [Shehzad Tanweer] had hired a red Nissan Micra for the journey, using his own name and credit card. The car was already overdue to be returned to the car hire company. Tanweer didn’t care, for he had no intention of returning it."

Source: Times Online, July 16, 2005

The 'dummy run' of the London bombers

"Two bottles of peroxide explosive encased in nails were found in a bag under the front passenger seat of a silver Nissan Micra which three of the bombers had used to travel to Luton on the day of the attacks."

Source: Daily Mail

Red Micra, silver Micra, whatever, eh? It was only a terrorist attack on London, right? What do facts matter?

They could have released CCTV footage from 7 July and ended all the speculation and debate in one fell swoop but no, nearly three months, 3,000 plus witness statements and 80,000 CCTV tapes later, out floats a bit of footage of a shopping trip to London of just three of the alleged 7 July bombers.

Why hasn't footage from 7 July been released? Does it exist? If it does exist why isn't it being released? If it doesn't exist, why not?

Who is the alleged fourth bomber missing from the Dummy Dummy-Run? Of course, none other than the alleged bus bomber, Hasib Hussain.

We are told of the meticulous level of detail and planning that went into organising 7 July yet the only similarity between the Dummy Dummy-Run journey and the alleged journey of the alleged bombers on 7 July is the fact that the alleged bombers travelled by Thameslink train from Luton to Kings Cross.

The BBC reports the main points of the Dummy Dummy-Run as:

  • Sidique Khan and Tanweer meet Lindsay at Luton station around 0810 BST
  • The trio buy tickets and catch a train to King's Cross
  • The men arrive at King's Cross at 0855 BST and are also seen at Baker Street at midday
  • The bombers leave King's Cross at 1250 BST and arrive back in Luton at 1340 BST

Source: BBC

In the Dummy Dummy-Run the alleged bombers met at 8:10am at Luton Thameslink station so they obviously weren't meticulously rehearsing the catching of the 7:40am train that we are told they caught on 7 July. i.e. the same 7.40am train from Luton a) didn't run on the morning of 7 July and, b) couldn't have got them to Kings Cross in time to catch any of the trains affected that morning.

In the Dummy Dummy-Run the alleged bombers arrived at Kings Cross Thameslink at 8:55am, five minutes after the bombs supposedly went off on 7 July so they obviously weren't meticulously rehearsing simultaneous explosions on the Underground trains at precisely 8.50am.

So what exactly were these guys rehearsing? How to catch a random Thameslink train from Luton to Kings Cross perhaps?

No wonder the police are so keen to learn more of the activities of the alleged 7/7 bombers in London on the day of the Dummy Dummy-Run.

The Dummy Dummy-Run is little more than a distraction from the complete lack of evidence relating to the very real and actual events that resulted in the deaths of 56 people on 7 July. Why the big secrecy over evidence from the day itself?

The Antagonist wonders if the police have considered that the alleged bombers might have met up with Peter Power and a Visor Consultants crisis management team for a quick business brunch to go through a few last minute Powerpoint presentations.

Except it's unlikely that anyone might think that because Mr Power is to this day being used by the news media - even in relation to today's incident at Manchester airport - as an independent security consultant that has no special connection with the events of 7 July - and most certainly not a special connection like that of having organised and conducted a 1,000 man security rehearsal operation on the morning of 7 July rehearsing "simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this [7 July] morning" and where "one scenario in particular, was very similar to real time events."

Is it too much to dream of a world where a news channel presenter would take a deep breath and introduce Power with, "I have with me in the studio Mr Peter Power, ex-Scotland Yard anti-terror operative and long time friend of Sir Ian Blair who is now Managing Director of Visor Consultants a crisis management company that was running a 1,000 man anti-terrorist security rehearsal operation in Central London on the morning of 7 July where, by his own admission, he was rehearsing, "simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this [7 July] morning" and where "one scenario in particular, was very similar to real time events". Good morning Mr Power... Mr Power....Mr Power...?"

To some degree, Peter Power was very open with his initial comments aired on Radio 5 on the evening of 7 July when he first revealed that he had been conducting the operation. During the interview he did even sound a little alarmed that the simultaneous bombs of his long planned security rehearsal had actually occurred at the same time he was rehearsing them.

Perhaps this admission on the same day as the devastating events on the Underground was the open acknowledgement of an ex-anti-terror operative of forces at work in the midst of his operation that morning far greater than that of an ex-Scotland Yarder. If outside organisations were involved at that level Power would be powerless to say so and has perhaps encoded his level of involvement with the one highly visible event of that day - the diverted and exploded Number 30 bus - simply by not mentioning it. Power only ever refers to the train incidents in his original Radio 5 interview, never to the exploded bus and while not mentioning the bus Power also tells us in a later written statement that, "one scenario in particular, was very similar to real time events."

As the rumour, speculation and random footage loosely linked to 7 July continues to materialise while evidence from the day itself is either non-existent or highly questionable, still the question must be, "WHO BOMBED LONDON?"


Anonymous said...

What do you mean who bombed London?
Was the Alqaida tape too confusing for you or something.

Anonymous said...

No, the fake Al Quaida video didn't convince me against all the other evidence that points to Mossad being the guilty party.