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11 August 2005

Breaking News: British Airways Heathrow Chaos

In a beautiful demonstration of people power in the face of corporations and governments that don't give a shit about anything other than profit and control, BA workers at Heathrow have walked out in support of the 500 sacked Gate Gourmet staff.

When everyone has walked out and stopped supporting the unjust practices of those we have no power over individually, only then will change occur. Long may it continue.

The Antagonist wishes all those at Gate Gourmet who were sacked, along with all those at BA staff that walked out in sympathy, the very best of British luck.

Update: 20:20 The BBC News web site has finally caught up with The Antagonist and published further details of the workers' struggle at Heathrow.

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The Antagonist said...

Update 1830: As a result of people power that transcends race, religion, creed and colour, all British Airways flights from Heathrow have been cancelled until at least tomorrow morning.