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18 August 2005

Mark Whitby - A Bit of Background

"Mark Whitby, a journalist who was present at the London subway that morning, gave chilling witness to what transpired. According to what he said, when he felt cornered, Jean Charles screamed — “he looked like a cornered rabbit,” said Whitby — shortly before receiving several bullets to the face."

Source: Worldpress

Another journalist telling more stories which, again, turn out to be lies of extreme proportions.

The BBC hasn't ever reported anything by Mark Whitby if a search of their news web site is anything to go by, not even the full eye witness report of Mark Whitby, suggesting a new search engine might be in order.

Luckily, Google is slightly more useful.

The Metropolitan Police pitched against the IPCC, mixed with the world's media, all involved in a battle where integrity was nowhere to be seen until the IPCC inquiry information started leaking.

Gareth Peirce and Harriet Wistrich, The Antagonist wishes you all the very best in your quest for truth and justice.

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