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03 August 2005

People - Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Brian Haw and Bloggerheads' Tim Ireland, along with precious few others, are daring to try and do something about the increasingly rapid loss of basic freedoms in the United Kingdom.

One of the freedoms that has just been lost is that of the right to protest under the noses of those handful of politicians that make things the way most of us don't want them. The very same people whom, The Antagonist recalls from somewhere in the dim and distant past, are somehow meant to be accountable to the people for their actions.

Last week, the legendary Brian Haw (pictured below, the only 'legal' protester in attendance) successfully argued that the apparent careless drafting of the Serious Organised Crime And Police Act (SOCrAP Act) prevents it being used to stop demonstrations that began before the SOCrAP Act was passed.

On Monday of this week, a Stop the War Exclusion Zone Protest took place outside Parliament to demonstrate against the exclusion zone.

For those interested in what occurred, and rather than re-invent the wheel, The Antagonist would like to direct readers to the excellent coverage and opinion provided by Tim Ireland over at Bloggerheads.

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