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10 August 2005

London 7/7: Lest we forget

Update: For detailed and in depth analysis of the events that occurred in London on 7th July 2005, please see the web site of J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign. Please also sign the J7 RELEASE THE EVIDENCE Petition which calls on the British government to release the evidence that will conclusively prove or disprove, beyond reasonable doubt, the official story of what happened on 7/7.

For a full analysis of the simultaneous anti-terror rehearsal drill referred to in this post, the drill that was being conducted by Peter Power and Visor Consultants on 7/7 please see here.
"there could have been had [sic] a power surge which could have had quite catastrophic casualty levels.
We have always been aware of that on the Underground."

: Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone
March 1st 2006 [PDF source]

The Antagonist has written extensively since the events of London 7/7 in relation to what occurred that day and in so doing has documented an alarming number of discrepancies between the 'official' story of multiple terrorist bombs going off in London and what actually appears to have happened.

On the day of 7/7, The Antagonist was intrigued by how the original story of two devastating power surges on the London Underground turned after a number of hours into one of international terrorism and set about investigating further.

The results of this investigation seem to directly contradict the 'official' stories of events and are based on nothing other than publicly available and verifiable sources of information. So, without further ado, The Antagonist presents links to the manifold 7/7-inspired musings on Anything that defies my sense of reason....

As ever, comments, constructive criticism and additional information welcome. In reverse-chronological order of posting:

  • London 7/7: How to Be Good - Part 1
  • - If you only read one article on this blog about the events of July 7th then, for now, make it this one. A study of the generally accepted narrative of events, the evidence to support that narrative, along with the facts about the movements of the trains on July 7th - as confirmed by independent public researchers - and how these facts relate to the generally accepted narrative.

  • London 7/7: TFL, Clarke Says No to Public Inquiry
  • - The call for a people's inquiry into July 7th. With the government's renewed confirmation that there will be no public inquiry into 7 July comes the overpowering message to the British people, clearer than ever before - if you want any sort of inquiry, any semblance of truth and, ultimately, any justice for what happened in London on 7 July, you're going to have to do it yourself.

  • London 7/7: TFL, TrackerNet Images & Evidence Removal
  • - Transport for London published TrackerNet schematic images that showed the movements of the bombed trains on the morning of 7 July. These images have since disappeared from the TFL image gallery even though the TFL press release which announced the publication of the images still references them. Why?

  • The Dummy Dummy-Run
  • - CCTV footage of the alleged bombers was released and reported as being a rehearsal for the events of 7/7. Only three of alleged turned up that morning and the rest of their journey has no correlation with that reported for 7 July so what exactly were these guys rehearsing?

  • London 7/7: Number 30 Bus Explosion in Tavistock Square - Photos & Questions
  • - The number 30 bus that exploded some 60 or so minutes after the incidents on the trains is being used to tie the whole notion of a co-ordinated terrorist attack on London. Was the exploded bus lifted from the 1,000 man anti-terrorist rehearsal operation that Peter Power admitted to organising in a Radio 5 interview on the evening of the Underground incidents?

  • Another 7/7 Survivor Supports MetroNet Power Surge Story
  • - The Edgware Road underground train left the tracks before any bangs were heard indicating that something other than bombs caused the train to derail. And, if there were bombs on the trains, why is the description of the bangs that followed the derailing described as 'A series of explosions || as if tube electric motor after motor was exploding'?

  • The 7 July Trinity Mirror Media Blackout
  • - 7 July, 2005 - The Biggest newsday of the year in the UK. So, why were "Journalists at more than 60 Staff at Trinity Mirror Southern weekly newspapers || banned from going out to report on the London bombings || even though some were as far away as Kent and Buckinghamshire"? Which other organisations were ordered to stay away?

  • Blair Rejected Inquiry into 7/7
  • - Just days after the events of 7/7 and before the media circus had run entirely out of control, Blair had already refused a government inquiry into the deaths of 56 people. Why and how can this be possible given that we are being told that events of the day were the work of terrorists?

  • The Number 30 Bus explosion - The Kicker
  • - A summary of the considerable number of anomalies about the Number 30 bus which was diverted into Tavistock Square and then exploded leaving rather too many people left standing on the top deck looking otherwise unharmed by a blast powerful enough to lift the roof clean off the bus.

  • Anthony Larkin: Rentaquote & London Terror
  • - Was the only person to report Jean Charles de Menezes as wearing a 'bomb belt with wires coming out' in the employ of the Metropolitan Police?

  • In Response to Bridget Dunne
  • - An article outlining the events of the day based solely on the facts such as they were immediately after the Number 30 bus exploded in Tavistock Square, explaining the origins of the exploded bus that ties together the whole notion of a terror attack on London.

  • Peter Power Responds, So Does The Antagonist
  • - Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants issued a statement about the 1,000 man security rehearsal operation that he was responsible for organising on the day of 7/7 and from which it would appear that the exploded bus was lifted in order to create a story of terrorism instead of one of corporate manslaughter on the Underground.

  • Three Tube Trains & One London Bus - Part Deux
  • - 21 July, 2005. The day when no bombs went off on any trains or buses in London and nobody was killed. The same day that is now the focus of media coverage instead of 7/7 when 56 people died.

  • Visor Consultants, Fortress GB & ICTS (UK) Ltd
  • - Details of the transport security companies that may have been responsible for commissioning Peter Power's Visor Consultants to conduct the 1,000 person security rehearsal operation in Central London that may have occurred outside their offices in Tavistock Square, right next door to the headquarters of the British Transport Police.

  • Ian Blair: "I'm not saying there are four bombers"
  • - Metropolitan Police Commissioner retracts a statement containing the word 'bombers', presumably because there was no evidence to support him stating that there were any bombers. And, if there was evidence to support the notion of bombers, why would he retract the statement?

  • London Blasts, A Possible Explanation
  • - The Antagonist's original article outlining how the train incidents and the bus were always two entirely separate stories.

  • London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack
  • - Ex-Scotland Yard Anti-Terror operative, Peter Power, reveals details of his crisis management firm's 1,000 person anti-terrorist rehearsal scenario organised for Central London on the morning of 7/7. Incudes links to the audio downloads of Power's Radio 5 Live interview.

  • Blast Survivor Discrepancies
  • - MetroNet originally reported that the problems on the Underground were as a result of two power surges. The eye-witness accounts of survivors of these incidents support perfectly the notion of power surges.

  • London Comments - The Antagonist responds
  • - They were sent in their droves in an attempt to debunk The Antagonist's theory of events on 7/7. Read how they failed miserably in their efforts.

  • 7/7 - Original LiveBlog Coverage
  • - The Antagonist's original LiveBlog of 7/7 as it happened.


Anonymous said...

I find myself turning to your pages each morning for a refreshing and insightful read.

I am impressed that the events of the 7th July have stayed high on your agenda despite falling off the radar of the main stream media, and being conveniently overshadowed by the (non) events of the 21/7.

(I didn't catch Channel 4 news on 10/8 and would be interested to view your comments on the programme).

I am still pursuing everyone I can think of from the Government down regarding the times that the trains left Kings Cross on the morning of the 7th July. As this information is totally absent from any reported timeline of events and website that I can find, I can't help wondering why. I am still being brick walled in any replies that I receive. It may seem like a small detail, but for me it is the starting point of any truthful investigation into the facts. Given that no other CCTV images have been released since the Luton Station image, it is becoming more evident that 7/7 was a BIG LIE.

It seems that some form of direct action against this cover up is needed, and I was wondering about a people's inquiry into these events?

I have found another interesting snippet of information which I am pursuing regarding meetings taking place on the 7/7 :


The rapid response was helped by good luck too. At the time the bombs went off, a meeting was taking place of paramedics and others involved in emergency plans and they were quickly despatched to the various sites. Speed is crucial in trauma cases, with the treatment in the first 15 minutes often determining life or death. There was also at the time a meeting of senior Network Rail staff in the Russell Hotel, yards from the Tavistock Square and Russell Square tube station, and, donning their emergency jackets, they were quickly able to help out at the two nearby scenes of bombings, King’s Cross and Tavistock Square.

Another coincidence perhaps?

The Antagonist said...

Hi Bridget - Thanks again for the kind words and persevering with trying to establish quite what happened on 7/7.

Channel 4 News last night contained a report about how Jamal Lindsay, one of the alleged 'bombers' on July 7, had married in a North Finchley mosque just four days before allegedly blowing himself and others up. Either his wife was a real nasty piece of work to whom he didn't wish to remain married or this fact, like a lot of facts about the day itself, is yet another odd sequence of events.

I'm glad you mentioned CCTV because I have yet to understand why we are only being shown only still-photos, and ones of questionable origin at that, of the alleged 'bombers' when, if the stories we are told about their journeys that day are true, there should be a wealth of moving footage of four alleged bombers together.

The bear in mind that it's relatively easy to fake photos and do a half-decent job but it's a lot harder to fake moving footage, despite the quality of CGI these days.

The rapid response comes as no surprise and I think that's what Peter Power was referring to in his original Radio 5 Live interview when he said they, "jumped from slow-time to quick-time thinking", i.e. the switch between the long-organised rehearsal and then having to assimilate the news of some sort of major disaster on the London Underground.

I have a feeling the emergence of all these coincidences is precisely why Mr Blair was quick to rule-out a government enquiry.

Anonymous said...

antag - im busy with a bunch of other stuff at the mo and havent been able to properly get through your post - so just a quick note, till i do.

(ive done a bunch of work on this as well - i should put up a meta-post like yours, pointing to all the relevant posts)

i agree that the 7/7 bombings kida dropped off the radar screen (amazingly), and i agree that the 21/7 'bombings' seem to have been concocted to draw attention away from the 7/7 story which was falling apart. the jcm murder might have been similarly conceived.

Anonymous said...

bridget - the key to the cctvs isnt the luton pix - but the lack of the kings cross cctv pix. that story is the one that set the agenda, but they havent been released - despite the graphic, and (apparently) damning, content. we kept getting told that the kingsX pix were going to be released 'today or tomorrow' but they never were.

as for the train departure times - there were early reports that 2 of the trains exploded 8 minutes after they left kingsX - let me know if you want more detail and ill chase it down.

you are on the right path tho - there's an incredible lack of detail - we dont know when those kingsX pix were taken - or even where (kings cross is quite big - with an overland and underground).

the devil is in the detail - and we arent seeing any detail. for example - ive been through some of the timetables - and it seems that the bombers sat on the platform at luton and watched a train go by, before they caught the train to luton.

contact me directly if you have any specific questions - ive already done a lot of the legwork...

gotta run...