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08 August 2005

Everything that's wrong with the knowledge economy

No matter what you think of blogs, bloggers and whatever it is they might have to say, this post from a prolific blogger, Chrenkoff, embodies everything that is wrong with the knowledge economy that rewards the pursuit of paper tokens:
A few days ago, I accepted a new job. Unfortunately, one of the conditions is that I will not be allowed to blog, or indeed write much on my own. As you can imagine, it has not been an easy decision. Oh, what the hell - it has been a damned difficult one. I have enjoyed blogging immensly, and I have enjoyed meeting all of you - virtually - over that time. I will, of course, write a bit more on this topic in due course, but in advance of that, a big thank you to all my readers and my fellow bloggers who have made the last eighteen months of my life so fantastic and so rewarding.

And, as Chrenkoff disappears in pursuit of a trail of paper, the trail of knowledge, information and opinion that previously gushed out of Chrenkoff's blog, irrespective of subjective opinions about its relevance or value, will be lost to the global Internet public.

Proof, yet again, of how paper tokens trap us inside increasingly limited perceptual visions of the world if only we stopped for a moment to realise it.

Death to the artificial knowledge economy. Long live the age of liberated information.

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