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13 August 2005

9/11 Footage, Audio & Documents Ready to Roll a Few Myths

The New York Times has successfully used America's Freedom of Information laws to obtain the release of a wealth of documents in relation to the events of New York, 11 September 2001. Quite why it takes such a gargantuan effort for people to obtain any information about such public events in supposedly free and democratic countries is beyond the scope of this post but is worth a mention all the same.

The task of sifting through the data released now begins in earnest for the survivors, the families of those that died on the day - many of whom have vocally protested their disbelief at the official version of events - and anyone else who believes that there is a little more to the 9/11 story than meets the eye.

The Antagonist
hasn't had a chance to sift through all the documents and audio but will be reporting back anything of note as and when it crops up.

What are the chances of them having released the interview with the New York Fire Chief on the day of 9/11 where he announced that he lost his fire crews to secondary explosions inside the towers that were entirely unrelated to the planes that had crashed into the upper floors?

A string of recent events; the launch of Tim Ireland's Political Weblog Project, the release of documents about the IndyMedia server seizures, and the NY Times FOI release of the 9/11 documents has set The Antagonist thinking about a number of things, of which, much more later.

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