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10 August 2005

Channel 4 News, Wednesday, 10 August

A couple of excerpts from today's Snowmail in relation to items scheduled to appear Channel 4 news tonight:
Going to extremes

We have a revealing investigation into one of the July 7th suicide bombers. Jamal Lindsay is the one who came from Jamaica, grew up in Huddersfield and blew himself up in the attack between Russell Square and Kings Cross stations. Twenty six other people were killed. Dozens more were injured.

Our reporter John Sparks has gained some valuable insights into how Lindsay's extremism developed. Won't say too much more now - partly because I haven't seen it myself yet. But from what I hear it sounds good.

The Antagonist will be keeping a close eye on this one.

Also on tonight's Channel 4 News:
Targeting the City

I've also been talking to the Commissioner of the City of London Police James Hart on why he thinks an attack on the financial heartland of Britain is only a matter of time. Is this based on specific intelligence? What attacks have they thwarted to date? What should the City be doing about it?

Hart appeared on Radio 4 earlier today and admitted his claims were based on no intelligence at all, demonstrating that his scaremongering tactics are designed to achieve nothing more than kick-starting an overly lax British industry into a unified mass of disaster recovery plans and associated spending to jump-start a flagging economy.


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