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15 August 2005

London Blasts: A fact emerges

In a slightly misleading headline that purported to bring readers of the Independent the truth about events of 7 and 21 July, Saturday's Independent ran with the following headline and story:

London bombings: the truth emerges
By Jason Bennetto and Ian Herbert
Published: 13 August 2005

The suicide cell that killed 52 people on 7 July is not linked to those alleged to be behind the second London attacks on 21 July, according to the initial findings of the biggest anti-terrorist investigation held in Britain.

An investigation into the four suicide bombers from the first attacks and the people alleged to be behind the July 21 plot has found no evidence of any al-Qa'ida "mastermind" or senior organiser. The inquiry involved MI5, MI6, the listening centre at GCHQ, and the police.

Source: Independent

To presume that an 800 word article could even begin to explain the truth behind events in London during the month of July 2005 - despite the overtly sensationalist headline - is to insult further the memories of all those who died on 7 July.

In fact, what the headline probably meant to say was, "London bombings: a fact emerges."

The only bit of information that the Independent article offers in the form of any sort of 'truth' is the categorical statement of a total absence of any links between the the events of 7 July, which killed 56 people, and the events of 21 July, when no bombs went off and nobody died but which has since become the focus of attention for reasons that are somewhat difficult to fathom.

No Link Between 7/7 and 21/7

That there is no link between the events of 7/7 and 21/7 will come as no surprise to regular readers of The Antagonist who will be only too aware that the survivor and eye-witness accounts from the day of 7/7 support heartily MetroNet Rail's original explanation of power surges for the disasters on the Underground, as reported to all passengers on the Underground and the world's media at the time of the events.

"But wait", The Antagonist can hear you cry, "What about the Number 30 bus that exploded?"

What a very good question! And one to which you'll find the answer, and much more, in The Antagonist's round-up of the events of 7/7.

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