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12 August 2005

Blair Snubs Cook's Funeral

From Krishnan's Snowmail of today:
Robin Cook's funeral was a stunning occasion. A wonderfully crafted eulogy by Gordon Brown, beautiful music, humorous speeches and 'car crash' moment of controversy as racing pundit John McCririck laid into Tony Blair for not breaking his holiday and attending the funeral. Some outside burst into applause, others have condemned the outburst as totally inappropriate. We will bring you the high points of the day from Edinburgh - and Mr McCririck will join us to answer whether it was the right time and place for such a speech.

The Antagonist is still applauding McCririck for saying what needed to be said and lauds Channel 4 news for also giving the eccentric racing pundit a forum to rightly condemn Blair's malicious no-show today.

Then again, would you want Blair at your funeral?


Martin said...

I am in complete agreement with you that it was disgraceful that Blair choose not to attend Robin Cook's funeral. However, I also feel that it was inappropriate of John McCririck to use an occasion that should've been focused on Cook as a platform for a political attack on the Prime Minister.

So I agree with you that McCririck said 'what needed to be said' but you don't feel that he could have said it in some other setting? (I'm presuming that you don't, and I'm interested to know why that might be)

Oh, and no, I wouldn't want Blair at my funeral...

The Antagonist said...

What better opportunity would have presented itself or made the point as poignantly as it was made today?

The only thing McCririck can be criticised for is letting his perverse passion for Thatcher pollute proceedings and an otherwise noble gesture with cross-party politics.

Martin said...

I don't doubt that it was a very good opportunity. Interesting to see Mr McCririck's take this morning:

"That is my only concern, not about what was said, it needed to be said, and you can certainly argue it should not have been made then."

Having said that, he seems to have inspired furious opposition from Peter Hain, so I'm almost tempted to agree with him just for that now

The Antagonist said...

A very good opportunity is certainly a very good opportunity.

The best is opportunity, however, is the best opportunity and McCririck seized it.

Nice to know that he saw the error of his ways with regard to the grosser [sic] woman.

Anonymous said...

i dont want blair at my funeral - but id give my kingdom to be at his, soon.