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31 August 2005

London 7/7: Metropolitan Police Timestamp Discrepancies

Anyone know anything about the science of forensics and the importance of correctly timestamping evidence and data?

It seems like the Metropolitan Police aren't too hot on this sort of thing as couple of screenshots from the Metropolitan Police web site 7/7 Archive show.

Notice in the first screenshot the date and time of the top link 'Police investigation continues into the 7/7 bombings (16/07/05)'.

However, the timestamp on the article page is not 16/07/05 but instead 18 July 2005.

What did the original 16 July article say? What changed in the two days between the published archive date of 16 July and the date on the article of 18 July? Might the original article have contained information about the ever-so-elusive times that the trains left Kings Cross on the morning of 7 July, 2005?

Anyone have an archived copy of the original statement?


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